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Over The Rainbow  Judy Garland

S[C]omew[Am]here [Em] over the [Em7]rain[C7]bow[F] way [FM7]up h[CM7]igh,[C] [Gdim]
Th[F]ere's [Fm]a l[C]and that I h[A7]eard of o[D7]nce in a lul-[G7]la-b[C]y [Dm7] [G7]

S[C]omew[Am]here [Em]over the [Em7]rain[C7]bow[F] skies [FM7]are[CM7]blue,[C] [Gdim]
An[F]d t[Fm]he dr[C]eams that you d[A7]are to d[D7]ream really [Dm]do c[G7]ome tr[C]ue

S[G]omed[C]ay I'll wish upon a star
And [Dm7]wake up where the clouds are far behi[C6]nd me,[G] [F] [C]
Wh[G7]ere [C]troubles melt like lemon drops aw[Cdim]ay above the chimney tops
Th[Dm6]at's where [Cdim]you'll f[Dm7]ind [G+]me

S[C]omew[Am]here [Em]over the [Em7]rain[C7]bow [F]blue[FM7]birds fly[CM7] [Gdim]
B[F]irds [Fm]fly o[C]ver the r[A7]ainbow w[D7]hy, then, oh [Dm]why [G7]can't [C]I?
[G7]If [C]happy [C/B]little b[Am7]luebirds [Am7/G]fly
Be[Dm7]yond the rainbow [F]why, oh [Fm]why [Fdim]can't [C]I?[F] [Fm] [C]