Build Me Up Buttercup v1


 C       Em      F       G       G       (organ and piano)
Why do you      build me up     buttercup baby
just to         let me down and         mess me around
and then        worst of all you        never call baby
when you        say you will    But     I love you still
I need  you more than   anyone darling
You     know that I have from the       start
So      build me up,    buttercup, 
don t break my heart 
(syncopated - don t play the F
until after you ve sung heart )
Verse I
I ll be         over at         ten you told me
        time and a-     gain
But you re      late I wait a-  round and then
I       run to the door I can t take anymore 
It s not you    you let me      down again
(Hey Hey Hey) Baby baby         try to find
(Hey Hey Hey) A little time and I ll make you mine
(Hey Hey Hey) I ll be home 
I ll be be-side the phone waiting for you
(3 measures G)
Verse II
You are my toy but I could be the boy you adore
if you just let me know
Until you do I m attracted to you all the more
why do I need you so
Baby baby try to find
A little time and I ll make you mine
I ll be home I ll be beside the phone
waiting for you (3 measures on G)
A terrific song with heartbreaking lyrics.
This is my very first posting of a tab,
so be merciful (especially about the lyrics)

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