A Beautiful Home

Misc. Gospel

Performer: Hank Williams Hank sung this on a Mother's Best radio show
Key G 3/4 time
(G) There's a beautiful home, far (C) over the (G) sea, There are mansions of (D7) bliss, for you and for (G) me, Oh that beautiful home, so (C) wonderf'ly (G) fair, That the savior for (D7) me, has gone to pre-(G) pare.
Chorus: (echo first part of each line, part with " marks)

(G) "There's a beautiful home", far (C) over the (G) sea, "There's a beautiful (D7) home", for you and for (G) me, "And it's glittering pow'r", the (C) sun out-(G) shines, "And that beautiful (D7) home", someday shall be (G) mine.
In that beautiful home, a crown I shall wear, When the glorified throne, that glory to share, But the joys of that home, can never be known, 'Till the savior we see, upon his white throne.
Repeat chorus:

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