From The Last Call The Last Call


 B -   x24442
E - 022100
 C#m - x46654
Ebm - x68876

Intro: G#m--E (x2)

Verse 1:
  Here's a long evasive story of failed hopes and glories
old chandeliers and scratched out 45's some hands for my procession
and a couple drunk confessions I'm soaked in rapture tonight

Chorus 1:
 No lie, no lie, no lie... believe me when I say
that I'm trying hard today but I'm not right, no, I'm not right
 tell me it's not true I would never lie to you 
I'm not right, no, I'm not right maybe you will see it wasn't meant to be
but it's not me...

Verse 2:
  The sins of the faithful the luxuries of regret
and its a faithless to have no loss tragedies
an acted up rectification with all the best intentions
smite me for my inquietudes

Chorus 2:
 No lie, no lie, no lie... cant believe you say
that you're better of this way but I'm not right, no, I'm not right
 tell me what you see when you still look at me I'm not right, no, I'm not right
I'm sorry when I say I'm still holding on today 

And will you forgive me when I found out I was stray
on the outskirts of the room doubled up on angel dust
there crying on my knees for some God to come
and save this lifeless soul and my ghost will wrap this words
as you cry yourself to sleep

Chorus 3:
 I'm not right, no, I'm not right I never want to know what I'm capable of
 I'm not right, no, I'm not right Tell me its not true, but I will not believe you
 I'm not right, no, I'm not right Maybe you will see that it wasn't meant to be
but it's not me...

B C#m E Ebm F# G#m
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