Slipped Away

Avril Lavigne

 Na Na    Na Na Na Na Na  
miss you
I miss you so bad  
I don't forget you 
Oh it's so sad   
 I hope you can hear me
 I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away  
Was the day I found
It wont be the same Oh
 Na Na    Na Na Na Na Na 
 I didn't get around to kiss you
 Good bye on the hand
 I wish that I could see you again
 I know that I cant
 I hope you can hear me
 I remember it clearly

I've had my wake up
 Won't you wake up
 I keep asking why
 I can't take it
 It wasn't fake
It happened you passed by
 Now your gone, Now your gone
 There you go, There you go
 Somewhere I can't bring you back
 Now your gone, Now your gone
 There you go, There you go
 Somewhere your not coming back

Chorus (x2)
 Na Na   Na Na Na Na Na
 I miss you

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