Tiger Trap

Beat Happening

Hey, me again.
Ok guess what other beat happening song is the easiest mother fucking piece in the whole to play
its a really really sad song, but only when you listen to it as though it was one. Its of the saddest songs i know..... AND NOW YOU CAN PLAY IT!!
PLAY ALL THE STRINGS "whats forbidden" e------------| b------------| g--2222222222 d------------| a------------| E------------|
"has been boldly bitten" play all open strings e------------| b------------| g------------| d------------| a------------| E------------|
"ive got a clue" e-------------| b-------------| g-------------| d-22222222222 a------------| E------------|
"still on the trail to finding all about you" e---------------------------22-0-----------------------------| b--------------------------------3-0-------------------------| g------------------------------------2222222222222-----------| d-22222222222222222222---------------------------------------| a------------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------------|
then theres one part where he "confusion reigns surpreeme" and you play e------------| b------------| g------------| d------------| a-222222222--| E------------|
e------------| b------------| g------------| d-22222222222 a------------| E------------|
"brings back promise of love redeemed"
e------------| b------------| g--2222222222 d------------| a------------| E------------|
the repeat for the rest
its a really straight forward song, you just have to listen to the whole thing.The thing is most confusing about this song is that they recorded bret playing the song about 4 and layerd them on top of eachother. the parts dont really match up so it sounds like playing really compucated chords and its weird. This tab basicly describes the diffrent he plays, just listen to the song and play a long a bunch and youll get it.
now for my band plugs. all of my bands are very beat happening inspired, so i thought might want a listen
www.myspace.com/maxanddave (has a really wicked cover of indian summer) www.myspace.com/thediamondteeth www.myspace.com/bloodrexdaleandthewallsareblonde www.myspace.com/daveandpiper
that is all

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