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Promise Me  Beverley Craven


[Bm/A]                 [A/B]                     [G/B]                  [A/B]                          

[Do Intro Pattern] 

[Bm] You light up a[A]nother cigarette
And I [F#m]  pour the wi[G]ne
[Bm] It's four o'clock in the m[A]orning
And it's [F#m]starting to get li[G]ght

[Bm] Now I'm right where I wann[A]a be
[F#m]Losing track of t[G]ime
[/G]But [/F#]I   [Em]wish that it was st[F#m]ill last [Cm]night

Interlude: Bm- /C# /D /F# G-F#-

[Bm] You look like you're i[A]n another world
But[F#m]   I can read your mi[G]nd
[Bm] How can you be so f[A]ar away
[F#m]Lying by my si[G]de  [/G]   [/A]


[F#/Bb] When I go aw[Bm]ay I'll miss you
[B/D#] And I will be thi[Em]nking of you
[C] Every ni[C/D]ght and day just...


[G]Promise me you'll [Bm7]wait for me
'Cause I[Am7]'ll be saving al[C/D]l my love for you
[G] And I[D/F#] will be home so[Em]o-o-o-[D/F#]oon
[G]Promise me you'll [Bm7]wait for me
Am7 B Em Em/C# hold
I need to know you feel the same way too
[C] And I'll be home,[C/D]  I'll be home [G]soon[F#m]

Instrumental: Bm-A-F#m-G (2x)

[Do Refrain] 
[Do Cborus except last line] 
.[C].I'll be home,[C/D] I'll be home,

[Do Cborus] 

[End on G]