Big Country

Big Country - Wonderland
I aren't quite sure what effect he's using on this at the start, this is what I've come up with minus the effects running. Sounds pretty accurate.
Intro: E-----------------------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------------------| G--18-14----14---18-14----14---18-14----14-----------14-----| D--------16------------16------------16--------14-16--------| A-------------------------------------------16--------------| e-----------------------------------------------------------|
E-----------------------------17-14-------------------------| B------------------------------------17-14------------------|
G--18-14----14---18-14----14----------------16-14-----------| D--------16------------16-------------------------16--------| A----------------------------------------------------16-----| e-----------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar Two: Rhythm E--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--12-12-x-x--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--9--9--9--x-x---| B--x--x--x---x-x-x-x--14-14-x-x--x--x--x---x-x-x-x--8--8--8—-x-x---| G--14-14-14--x-x-x-x--14-14-x-x--14-14-14--x-x-x-x-11-11-11--x-x---| D--14-14-14--x-x-x-x--12-12-x-x--14-14-14--x-x-x-x-11-11-11--x-x---| A--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--12-12-x-x--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--9--9--9--x-x---| e--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--12-12-x-x--12-12-12--x-x-x-x--9--9--9--x-x---|
This is just a basic strumming pattern, Listen to the CD if you want to nail it spot on.
That's All For Now. Enjoy. If any of you would like the rest of the song, get back to me on MSN or E-mail at: James_Hetfield_8@hotmail.com

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