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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G.L.D. - Big D and The Kids Table ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: psymon7 Email:
Tuning: Standard
e|----5-----7--7--7--4-4-------5-----7--7----7-----5-----7--7--7--5----------| B|----5-----7--9--7--4-4-------5-----7--9----9-----5-----7--9--7--5----------| G|----6-----8--9--8--5-5-------6-----8--9----9-----6-----8--9--8--6----------| D|-7--7--9--9--9--9--6-6----7--7--9--9--9----9--7--7--9--9--9--9--7----------| A|-7--7--9--9--7--9--6-6----7--7--9--9--7----7--7--7--9--9--7--7--5----------| E|-5--5--7--7-----7--4-4----5--5--7--7----------5--5--7--7-----7--5----------|
Then when it gets heavy and fast about 14 lots of each of these, its easier to work out by ear. Not completely certain about last two chords.
e|--0---2--9----7------------------------------------------------------------| B|--2---4--9----9------------------------------------------------------------| G|--2---4--10---9------------------------------------------------------------| D|--2---4--11---9------------------------------------------------------------| A|--0---2--11---7------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------9-----------------------------------------------------------------|
So thats what I got for it, please correct it if you see where it's wrong and will someone please post this whole song because it is a great song!!! We need so many more Big D and The Kids Table aswell as general ska songs! Thanks!!

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