To The Mountains


album - now,diabolicle track - to the mountains band - satyricon tuning - Eb (Eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Eb,)
* - palm mute / - slide ~ - let note ring ' - trem pick h - hammer on p - pull off
this is the first tab for this.its 100% the only thing thats not here is gtr 2 solo part in the middle..but i tabbed the rythm part over it its a pretty easy song just lots of repeated parts here it is..plz rate.
riff 1
e---------------------------------]----------------------------] b----------9---------------9------]----------------------------] g----7-------7------7--------7----]----0-2-0---0----0-2-0---0--] d--5---5----------5---5-----------]--4-------4----4-------4----] a---------------------------------]----------------------------] e---------------------------------]----------------------------]
riff 2 e----------------------------------] b----------------------------------] g----------------------------------] d----------------------------------] a----------------------------------] e--3~-3/10~-9~-9/5-5-6-6/2-2-3-2~--]
riff 3 e------------------] b------------------] g------------------] d------------------] a------------------] e--3'-6'-3'-5'-2'--]
fill 1 e------------------] b------------------] g------------------] d------------------] a--5~--8~--5-7-4~--] e--3~--6~--3-5-2~--]
riff 4 e--------------------------------------------------------------------------] b--------------------------------------------------------------------------] g--------------------------------------------------------------------------] d--------------------------------------------------------------------------] a--------------------------------------------------------------------------] e--3'-6'-3'-5'-2'---3'-6'-3'-6'-5'-2'---3'-6'-3'-6'-5'-2'---3'-6'-3'-5'-2'-]
rythm part over gtr 2 solo

e------------------------------------------] b------------------------------------------] g------------------------------------------] d--------------------77777777-6666---------] a--55555555-77777777-55555555-4444---------] e--33333333-55555555----------------2~-2~--]
fill 2 e---------------------------] b-----5h6p5-----------------] g----3------3----0-2-0---0--] d--5-----------4-------3----] a---------------------------] e---------------------------]
fill 3 e-------------------] b-------------------] g-------------------] d-------------------] a--------------11~--] e--3~-5~-6/10~-9~---]
riff 5 e---------------------------------] b---------------------------------] g---------------------------------] d---------------------------------] a--55555555-8888888-5-8-7-444444--] e--33333333-6666666-3-6-5-222222--]
song structure
riff 1 x4 rythm over solo x 12 riff 2 x2 fill 2 x4 riff 1 x4 riff 2 x4 riff 2 x2 fill 3 x2 riff 3 x4 riff 3 x4 fill 1 x2 riff 5 x4 riff 4 x1 riff 3 x4 fill 1 x4 riff 5 x13
thats all. the structure is the exact same as the you shouldnt get stuck.
tabbed by - immortal_stone

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