Take Me Away

Blue Oyster Cult

Artist: Blue Oyster Cult Song: "Take Me Away" Album: "Revolution By Night" - 1983 CBS Records Words: Eric Bloom Music: Aldo Nova
TRANSCRIPTION BY Alex Plant (alex [at] alexplant [dot] name)
Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Db Eb (Half-step down) Key: Eb Minor NOTES: I was searching for a tab for this for a long time until I finally had the skill and patience to transcribe it. There is a tab for this song, but it's horribly wrong and was made by an a*shole who said, and I quote, "You know, no one else would make this tab so you guys really shouldn't complain." Well I've made one now so you can XD. Give 'em hell! This tab is almost without a doubt 100% correct, but suggestions are always welcome. I didn't even attempt to illustrate timing, so listen to the song for it. BTW this is my first tab, but unlike the other dick who "tabbed" this song, I put some effort into it and I'd like to think that I know what I'm doing XD.
Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Db|------4-4-2----------------------------------------------------| Ab|------------0-2-0-2-0-2-3-2-0----------------------------------| Eb|-2-2-----------------------------------------------------------|
Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Db|-4-4-4---7-7-7---9-9-9---7-7-7---------------------------------| Ab|-4-4-4---7-7-7---9-9-9---7-7-7---------------------------------| Eb|-2-2-----5-5-----7-7-----5-5-----------------------------------| xxx xxx xxx xxx <------ Palm mutes indicated by x's
Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Db|-4-7-9-12-12-14------------------------------------------------| Ab|-4-7-9-12-12-14------------------------------------------------| Eb|-2-5-7-10-10-12------------------------------------------------|
The solo is in Eb minor, the key of the song. If you don't know how to build scales and such across multiple strings, then below I've tabbed out Eb minor in the 12th position, then extended on the high and low E strings in both directions. What I have will get you by, but if you don't know what I'm talking about then I highly recommend that you read some lessons on ultimate-guitar.com concerning music theory and scales; it'll help you a LOT.
Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|--------------------------------------------------12-13-15-----| Gb|----------------------------------------11-12-14---------------| Db|----------------------------------12-14------------------------| Ab|-------------------------12-14-15------------------------------| Eb|-0-2-3-5-7-8-10-12-14-15---------------------------------------|
Eb|-12-14-15-17-19-20-22-24---------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Db|---------------------------------------------------------------| Ab|---------------------------------------------------------------| Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|---------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|-2-4-4-2-----2-------------------------------------------------| Db|---------4-2---4-2---------------------------------------------| Ab|-------------------0-2-----------------------------------------| Eb|-----------------------0-2-3-5-6-7-----------------------------| [FILLLLLLLLL] <---- Play every other time
"I could think of a cool lyric to put here from BOC, the greatest band in the universe, but I'm drawing a blank; so much awesomeness to choose from..."

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