Stairway To The Stars

Blue Oyster Cult

Here's a rock'n fun song from my favorite band, Blue Oyster Cult! Chords: G5 A5 C D Em A 355xxx 577xxx x35553 x57775 x79987 002220
Intro:--------------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------0-------------------------| -----------------2.- 2.- 2.-2.-2.-2.-0-2--0----2.-2.-2.-2(hold)-----| --------------------------------------------------------------------| -----12/*0-----0-------------------------------0--------------------| G5 A5 Verse:--------4 times before lyrics enter, 2 times after------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------| -----2.-2.-2.-2.-2.-2-0h-2p-0----------2.-2.-2.-2.-2(hold)----------| --------------------------------------------------------------------| -0-----------------------------3-----0------------------------------| G5 A5 (You can have my autograph, you know I think I'll sign it "Love to You") C//(Or should I sign it) D//("Just for You") Em// D Em/// Stairway to the Stars! D//C A5/*G5/*A5 Think I'll write good health to you/We got better things to do
That's it in a nutshell. Of course, you can't have a good BOC song with out awesome Buck riffs. I'll have to work on those. The solo is in an e pentatonic scale and I don't most of it. What I like to do, on the other hand, is to get down a few simple riffs, and the rest. Here's some solo(Buck Dharma) riffs:

--5p3-5p3-5p3-5p3-5p3-5-7-5-3-0-3 --------------------------------------| -------------------------------- --------------------------------------| -------------------------------- --------------------------------------| -------------------------------- --------------------------------------| -------------------------------- --------------------------------------| -------------------------------- --0h3bp0-0h3-0------------------------|
--12-12-12---------------15p12-----------------------------------| FIANLE!!: -----------15--12p10-12------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------- ---------------------------| -------------------------------- ---------------------------| -------------------------------- ---------------------------| ---------------------------| -0-3-0-5-0-6-0-7--5h7p5-3--| ---------------------------| 3Times, and then comes the A chord.
Order: Intro, Verse 6times, Pre-Chorus(Or should I sign it...), Chorus, Verse 4times, Chorus(Kill them all...) Chorus, Solo, Verse 4times, Pre Chorus, Chorus3times(?)Finale.
Symbols: h=hammer on p=pull off .=sticcato(normally seen like this:2.) /=Downward /*=Slide up/down (you should be able to tell)
That's all for now. I'll come back later with the complete solo and all those sweet BD riffs. I tabbed this out of a live version, so if it doesn't match what's on your CD, GET A NEW CD. No, just kidding. Anyway, Hope You Enjoy it! _?_ (Imaginie it upside-down, and with the dot more centralized.) !

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