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All Along The Watchtower

Bob Dylan

e|---|---|---  e|---|---|---|---  e|-x-|---|---|  e|---|---|-x-|---|---|
B|-X-|---|---  B|-x-|---|---|---  B|-x-|---|---|  B|---|---|-x-|---|---|
G|---|-X-|---  G|---|-x-|---|---  G|-x-|-x-|---|  G|---|---|-x-|-x-|---|
D|---|-X-|---  D|---|-x-|---|---  D|-x-|---|-x-|  D|---|---|-x-|---|-x-|
A|0--|---|---  A|---|---|---|---  A|-x-|---|-x-|  A|---|---|-x-|---|-x-|
E|---|---|---  E|---|---|-x-|---  E|-x-|---|---|  E|---|---|-x-|---|---|

vers: 1
There must be some kind of way out of here, Said the joker to the thief.     
 There's too much confus...ion,  I can't get no relief.    
 Business  men they drink my wine, Plowmen dig my earth.      
 None of them along the line, know what any of it is worth.    

vers: 2
 No reason to get excited, The thief he kindly spoke.  
 There are many here among us, Who feel that life is but a joke.  
 But you and I we've been through that,  And this is not our Fate.   
 So let us not talk falsely now, The hour's getting late.    

vers: 3
 All along the watchtower, Princess kept the view.  
 While all the women came and went, Barefoot servants too.    
 Outside in the cold distance,  A wildcat did growl.    
 Two riders were approaching,  And the wind began to howl.   

I think that is it. hope you like it...

A Am F G
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