The first part of this song (scratchy noise) can be done by taking your pick sideways slowy sliding it on top the E and A strings from the first fret sliding up the frets.
The next part of the song where Kurt just says "one, two, one two, one two..." etc., I'm sure goes like this:
I--3--3--3--3--I Do each note about 30-| times. I--3--3--3--3-----------------------------------|I I-----------------------------------------------|I I-----------------------------------------------|I I-----------------------------------------------|I I-----------------------------------------------|I
Then, when the intro ends and Kurt says "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!", it ends with:
I-8--8--8--8---|I I-8--8--8--8---|I I--------------|I I--------------|I I--------------|I I--------------|I
The next part starts with this:
I------------------------------------------------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I I--0--0--0-0------0--2-2--2-4-2-0--2-2--2-0--4-5-5-5-4-2-0---|I I--------------2---------------------------------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I
Then the second part is:
I------------------------------------------------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I I-0--0--0-0----0-2-2--2-4-2-0-2-2--2-0-----0-0-2-4-2-0-0-----|I
I-----------2--------------------------0h2-------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I I------------------------------------------------------------|I
I believe I've identified the two chords played along with the song; if I'm wrong let me know:
This one (D chord): and this one ( i can't think of name right now): I--2--I I--3---|I I--3--I I--3---|I I--2--I I--2---|I I-----I I------|I I-----I I------|I I-----I I------|I
The little notes you hear randomly throughout the song go like this:
I-----5------|I I--------6---|I I--5---------|I I------------|I I------------|I I------------|I
And sometimes it'll go higher (note: these are actually harmonics, which my guitar sucks doing, or maybe I just suck at doing them)
I-----19-----|I I--------20--|I I--19--------|I I------------|I I------------|I I------------|I
Feel free to comment on my tabbing. If you have questions or comments e-mail me at colewallick@yahoo.com.
Rock on BoDeans!
Cole Wallick (Probably youngest BoDeans fan: 15)

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