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I Aint Gonna Let You Break My Heart  Bonnie Raitt

There ain't no[Cadd2] use in me [Am9]trying to tell [Em7]you how i feel

'cause [Gm7]what i feel [Bb]ain't what you're [F]feeling

[Gm7]I don't know what we did [Bb]wrong

[A7b9]I just know if you come [Dm7]home

I [Gm7]ain't gonna let you [Bb]break my heart [F]again

[F]There ain't no[Cadd2] use in me [Am9]trying to find out [Em7]where you've been

[Gm7]Where you've been [Bb]ain't where i'm [F6/9]going

'cause[Gm7] if i ask you [Bb]where you've been

The [G]hurting [A7b9]starts and it [Dm7]don't end

So i [Gm7]ain't gonna let you [Bb]break my heart [F]again ,[A7#5] no

I [Gm7]ain't gonna let you [Dm9]break my heart a[Gm7]gain ,[Bb] no [F]o


[Dbmaj7]Tears don't be[Gb]come me

[Dbmaj7]Pain ain't my f[Gb]riend

It [Amaj7]seems like you [Gbm6]enjoy my [Dbmaj7]crying , baby [Gb]

[Dbmaj7]You always said that[Gb] i was strong

But[Dbmaj7] i believe that [Bbm7]you were wrong

[Amaj7]Lately , god [Gbm6]knows , i have been [Fmaj7]trying

There ain't no[Cadd2] use in you [Am9]trying to kiss away the [Em7]hurt , baby

'cause it [Gm7]hurts where it's deep down ins[Bb]ide of me and it's [F]hiding

If you d[Gm7]ecide you're [C9]coming home

[A7sus4]You walk [A7]in , it won't[Dm9] be like before

'cause i [Gm7]ain't gonna let you [Bb]break my heart [F]again ,[A7#5] no
Ain't gonna let you break my heart again , no no

Cadd2: x32030
Am9: x05500
Em7: 022030
Gm7: 353333
A7b9: x02323
Dm7: x00211
F6/9: xx3233
A7#5: 5x5660
Dm9: x5355x
Dbmaj7: x46564
Gb: 244322
Amaj7: x02120 or xx8765
Gbm6: 2x1220
Fmaj7: xx3210

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A7 A7#5 A7b9 A7sus4 Am9 Amaj7 Bb Bbm7 C9 Cadd2 Dbmaj7 Dm7 Dm9 Em7 F F6/9 Fmaj7 G Gb Gbm6 Gm7
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