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Lets Do It For Johnny  Bowling For Soup

[A]He[D]re she Comes again with another boyfriend,
introduces me and says,
[GGG]"this is the sweetest guy I've ever known."
[A]Co[D]uldn't say a word. I never say a word.
[A]She wraps her arms around my neck.
[D]"You are the sweetest guy I've ever known.
[B]An[G]d I say again "THIS IS THE LAST TIME"
[A]Th[D]ere she goes again she says I'm her best friend
and "we're better off this way" she says
[A]ca[D]us[GGG]e you're still the sweetest guy I've ever known.
[A]He[D]r smell stays on my shirt, I can't say a word
[A]can't swallow this lump inside my neck
[D]cause you're still the sweetest girl I've ever known.
[E]Wh[B]en[A] you left before I didn't care too much
[E]Ca[B]us[A]e I just wished you'd go away
[E]An[B]d [A]I see you now and it's just too much
[E]Ta[B]ke[A]s my breath away...Just like a sucker punch
(B A D) x 4

[B]He[E]re she Comes again with another boyfriend,
[B]introduces me and says,
[E]"t[AAA]his is the sweetest guy I've ever known."
[B]Co[E]uldn't say a word. I never say a word.
[B]She wraps her arms around my neck.
[E]"You are the sweetest guy I've ever known.
[C#]And[A] I say again......
[C#]And[A] I said before.....
[C#]And[A] I say once more "THIS IS THE LAST TIME"

[A]She got a valentine from Gary
[D]I [E]opened it up it said, "Would you please be mine."
[A]I gave her flowers and some candy
[D]Sh[E]e opened them up and said, "You're trying to make me fat."
[A]I [D]just want a new girlfriend
[A]I [D]just want someone to make me laugh
[A]I [D]just want a new girlfriend
[A]I [D]just want someone to laugh at me
[B]no[B]t to smart, not to tall
[D]li[A]kes to watch TV and play basketball

[A]I baught a car and let her drive it
[D]Sh[E]e opened the door and said, "Oh bother, this is red."
[A]I gave her all my notes from algebra
[D]Sh[E]e opened em up and said, "I can't believe you're so stupid."

e-------------------------------------- X 2

[D]I [E]won't ever make her wash my car, NO!
[D]I [E]won't ever take a walk, not unless she's there.

[G]  [D]  [C]  [E]  [D]  [G]  [D]  [C]  [E]  [D]                   
[G]La[D]tely I feel so small
[C]Or[E] m[D]ay[G]be its just that my bed has grown
[D]I [C]never noticed it before but you were there
[E]So[D] h[A]ow was I to know


That this single bed
[D]Wa[D]s [D]always meant for two
[A]No[C]t just anyone
[G]It[D] w[G]as meant for me and youCHORUS
[G]An[D]d [E]now your halfway round the world
[C]An[D]d [G]im just a day behind
[D]No[E]thin seems to fill the hole
[C]Th[D]at[G] i have since you left my side
[D]Yo[E]u'll always be my little girl
[C]Th[D]ou[G]gh i cant hold you tonight
[D]An[E]d now your halfway round the world
[C]An[D]d [G]i'm just a day behind

(G D C E D G) x 2
[G]I [D]wake up in the night
[C]I [E]tu[D]rn[G] around and find that you're not there
[D]I [C]just like to watch you sleep and lay by you
[E]I [D]lo[G]ve to feel you near
[D]I think im going crazy
[C]Ev[E]er[D]yd[G]ay confusion starts to grow
[D]I never noticed it before
[C]Bu[E]t [D]yo[A]u were there so how was I to know

The Bitch Song
The Bitch Song

[D]Is it OK if I speak to you today
[C]You've been pissed off for a week now
[G]but, nothing I could say could make you look up.
[D]Or[C] crack up. Is there anything that I can do
Anything to show you
[G]You're a bitch
[D]bu[C]t, I love you anyway
[G]OH OH You can't sing
[D]Bu[C]t, You still put me to sleep
[G]Baby, You're a bitch
[D]He[C]y Hey Hey Hey
[G]You make me sick
[D]Bu[C]t, Don't ever go away G D
So you tell me that there's nothing left to say
[C]I drive you face the window
[G]Then you're in my face telling me to grow up
[D]I wish you'd grow up
[C]I can't wait until you fall asleep, I wonder if you know that (chorus)
La La La ....
[G]  [D]  [C]                                                                 

[G]Ye[D]ah[C] you're a bitch but I love you anyway
[G]So why don't you......Stay

Pictures He Drew

[E]  [B]  [C#]   [D]                              
He got up this morning

Rolled out of bed

And went out to change the world

Her head on his shoulder

He settles her down

It all started over and over again
[E]Hi[B]s mom made him breakfast
[A]Gets on the bus Goes out to see the world
[E]He[B] l[A]ies on the ground, wipes blood from his nose
[E]Wonders why he's the one that doesn't fit In
[E]Th[B]e pictures he drew
[A]Bu[D]t if only they told him
[E]Yo[B]u're never gonna be like anyone
[C#]And[D] that's okay
[E]Give into your feelings
[B]Do[A]n'[D]t give in to the ones that will own ya
[E]So[B]me[C#]tim[D]es they just don't go away
[E]Si[B]x [A]double martinis, a night on the town

It sure makes the mornings long
[E]He[B] n[A]ever imagined a life time like this would be
[E]The only thing to let him get in Break down:
[A]He[B] gets up
[E]He falls down
[A]Wishes he could get the nerve to end it all now
[A]He[B] picks up the phone
[E]And he slams it down

And swallows another
[A]Now he'll never come around
[A]It[B]'s all or none
[C]It's one for one
You can make it
[D]But ya' gotta do it all for yourself
a-------------------------------------------- x 2


(E D G# A) x 4
[E]Ev[A]er[E]yb[A]ody knows if you've got the coolest clothes
[E]yo[A]u'[E]ve got everybody on your side
[E]An[A]yo[E]ne[A] can see if you hang around with me
[E]yo[A]u'[E]ll be by yourself on friday night
[D]It[A]'s hard to understand
[D]If[A] you never lose you never learn to want to win
[D]When it all comes down
[A]al[G]l around you now
[D]Don't let it bring you down
[E]Yo[A]u [E]ha[A]d all the moves you had all the coolest doos
[E]an[A]d [E]you always had the coolest car
[E]I [A]ne[E]ve[A]r learned to dance, I had hair down to my ass
[E]an[A]d [E]now I'm gonna be a Rock Star
[C]Ra[G]is[A]e your hands
[C]St[G]om[A]p your feet
[C]I [G]lo[A]ve[C] e[G]ve[A]ryone and now they love me

(E D G# A) x 4


[A]Back there somewhere
[F#]I c[B]an here her calling out .
[D]I'[A]ve[E] g[E]ot so much I can tell her
[A]She knows I miss her,
[F#]I k[B]now she thinks about me too.
[D]I [A]can just cannot wait to kiss her
[F#]On [G#]the[A] boulevard we danced
[B]I tell her if I get the chance
[D]Ju[A]st what all this means to me.
[F#]May[A]be I'll just say we can run away
[B]Never look back
[E]Never doubt it.
[D]Yo[E]u [A]don't owe me anything
[F#]I o[D]we everything to you
[E]Take my hand and
[A]Hold on.
Solo in middle of song is same as beginning
Chords are A F# B D

Dance With You

(C G A G F) x 2 C C

[A]Ho[G]w'[F]s [C]it[C] feel to be alone now
[A]ho[G]w'[F]s [C]it[C] feel to be by yourself
[A]yo[G]u [F]got me, I didn't get you back
[A]th[G]en[F] you got me, again
[C]Yo[G]u [A]go[F]t inside through a hole in my defenses
[A]an[G]d [F]how you fit I'll never understand
[C]bu[G]t [A]yo[G]u [F]got into me, and I got into you
[C]an[G]d [F]now, I wanna do it again
[A]Ho[G]w'[F]s [C]it[C] feel to know now
[A]wh[G]at[F]ch[C]a [C]think 'bout that
[A]yo[G]u [F]got me, now we can't go back
[A]yo[G]u'[F]ll never get me again
[G]I [A]on[F]ly wanna Dance with you
[G]I [A]on[F]ly wanna Dance with you
[C]Yo[G]u go up down turn around merry go round and round
[A]sh[F]ake it shake it two time dose doe cotten eyed joe
[C]ru[G]n around pull me down never gonna come around
[A]I'[G]m [F]never gonna forget you

Hang On
[D]I [C]used to see you every morning
[G]Ev[D]en when I didn't want to
[D]Yo[C]u used to like to watch us play downtown
[G]As[D] long as I sang a song for you
[G]Bu[D]t nothing stays the same
[C]An[D]d it's drivin' me insane
[E]Oh[C], [D]you know we've got it so bad
[G]An[D]d nothing you can say
[C]Ca[D]n make me want to stay
[E]Bu[C]t [D]still you're hangin' on


[D]Yo[C]u say you never saw this comin'
[G]So[D] why does it always fall on you
[D]I [C]think you call me every time you see a phone
[G]Yo[D]u hang but I know its you

a-5-7-9-10-9-7-5--- X 3

You and Me
You and Me
e-------------------------------------- x 2

[C]Al[G]l [F]I needed was an answer
[C]I [G]di[F]dn't ask for nothin more
[C]an[G]d [F]she said, "just leave your jacket at the door"
[C]an[G]d we were locked inside
[F]again it started here we go

if you can help me let me know. C G F
So she asked if I could stay there
[C]an[G]d [F]I say we've been through this before
[C]  [G]  [F]                                 

and she said, "just tell me, what do you expect here?"
[C]an[G]d we were locked inside
[F]again it started here we go

you can hold my hand, but
[C]Do[G]n't go back on me
[D]Ju[F]st[C] remember that it's gonna be alright
[G]an[F]d you'll see we can have it all
[C]Ca[G]n'[D]t [F]you see that I'm right here waiting, looking back at you
[G]YO[G]U [F]and me, we've got nothing to lose. Oh yeah!
[C]So[G] s[F]he wraps me up inside her
[C]an[G]d [F]I knew we should not get that far
[C]  [G]  [F]                                 

and she said, "just close your eyes and say you love me"
[C]an[G]d [F]we were locked inside, again..........


[C]Al[G]l [F]I need to kill the pain
[C]is[G] f[F]or someone else to blame
[C]an[G]d [F]I've waited my whole life
[C]I [G]tr[F]y to run but I can't hide


[E]I don't know
[A]wh[B]en[E] i[A]t [B]al[E]l began to simmer down. Suddenly I don't want you around.
[A]An[B]d [E]I'm siting here
[A]I'[B]m [E]drowning in the worries and the fear.
[A]An[B]d [E]now I wish it wasn't quite as clear.A B A B
Cause I am starting to forget now
[A]It[B] dissappears so fast
[A]I'[B]m [E]waiting for "the Question" to be asked.
[A]An[B]d if you saw me now
[A]yo[B]u'd not be dissappointed
[A]somehow I've gotten to a point
[B]and I'm not ever coming back
[A]my[B] minds made up I'm staying for as long as it has taken(to get)
[E]  [B]  [A]  [F]  [E]                             
Close to you, I wanna get, Close to you and
[A]I [B]need more time, (I wanna get)
[E]  [B]  [A]  [F]  [E]                             

Close to you, I just want, Close to you and
[A]  [B]                                   

I'm not sure why! E
Sometimes I
[A]  [B]  [E]                                 

I get up in the morning so surprised.
[A]It[B] t[E]akes me some time to realize.
[E]Lately I,
[A]  [B]  [E]                                 

Have really wished that you were still around.
[A]  [B]  [E]                                 

Here to pick me up off of the ground.

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