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Miss Scandinavia

Boy Kill Boy

rough (and i stress rough) tab of the boy kill boy song when they still went under the 'future of junior'
if you've not heard it go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxLLLnuUEU0 and prob sound nothing like this tab ;-)
at least its a start! tuning, standard as always!
INTRO (repeat twice) e |---------------------------------------| b |---------------------------------------| g |-----9-----------------7---------------| D |-----9-----------9-----7---------------| A |-----7--(x10)----9-----5---------------| E |-----------------7---------------------|
VERSE e |------------------------------------| b |---9--------------------------------| g |---9--------------------------------| D |---9--------------------------------| A |---7----(main chord)----------------| E |------------------------------------| play many times)
(at the ''yeah yeah yeah yeah'' bit play below, but for the first time dont play the in brackets,play the last part, all other times play chord)
e|----------------------------------------xx------------------| b|---5----------4---------(7)-------------xx------------------| g|---5----------4---------(7)-------------xx-11b--------------| D|---5----------4---------(7)-------------xx--x---------------| A|---3----------2---------(5)-------------xx--9b----9---------| E|----------------------------------------xx------------11----| (above for 1st verse only)

e |-------x---x-----5--5---------------| b |-------x---x-----5--5---------------| g |-------x---x-----6--6---------------| D |-------x---x-----7--7---------------| A |-------x---x-----7--7---------------| E |-------x---x-----5--5---------------| (till i here from you..........)
e |--(2)-------------------------2--------------------------| b |--(3)-----------------3-----------3-------3--------------| g |--(4)-------------4-----4------------4-------------------| D |--(4)---------4------------------------------------------| A |--(2)----------------------------------------------------| E |---------------------------------------------------------| ''say you'd stick around for a year or two.........'' (in brackets is the chord shape to hold - but play the notes as above then maybe strum a times before chorus?)
CHORUS (in brackets is rough number of strums) e|--------------------x-----------------------------------------------| b|------9-------------x-----------------5-----------4----------7------| g|------9-------------9-----------------5-----------4----------7------| D|------9-------------9-----------------5-----------4----------7------| A|------7-(6)---------7-(6)-------------3-(6)-------2-(3)------5-(4)--| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| ''miss scandinavia.......i hear.........looking.....me......so why you...
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e |----------------------------------| b |----------------------------------| g |-----9-----------------7----------| D |-----9-----------9-----7----------| A |-----7--(x10)----9-----5----------| E |-----------------7----------------| x 2
then repeat verse/fill/chorus etc as appropriate..................

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