Sleepin On The Foldout

Brad Paisley

 Sleepin' on the foldout, thanks to me and my big mouth
 Why did I do what I did, I shoulda' known better than to lie
 It's to late and so tonight I'm sleepin' on the foldout sofa bed.

 She wanted to me to go and see her family
 But I told her that I had to work
 I never dreamed she'd get home so dang early
She caught me cleanin' fish out on our back porch, so now I'm…

repeat chorus
 I can't believe they call this thing a mattress
 It's 2 a.m. and I'm wide awake
 Lookin' back I shoulda' just been honest
Instead of tellin' her the whole staff spent
The day out on the lake, so now I'm…

repeat chorus

 yeah, yeah I'm sleepin' on the fold out sofa bed.

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