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Munster Rag

Brad Paisley

Munster Rag Brad Paisley Part II 2001
This blokes just amazing. I've only got snippets I'm afraid, but I'm quite sure its correct. This one really was a case of slowing it down on media player!
E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------0-2--------0-2--------0-3-2-0---2-0---0----------0-2--------0-2-| E|-15\-0-2-3------0-2-3------0-2-3---------3-----3---2--0-2-3------0-2-3-----|
E|------------------------|| B|------------------------|| G|------------------------|| D|------------------------||Then this is done again with A|-3-2-0---2-0------------||a little variation. E|-------3-----3-2-0-12\--||
CD at 0:25 E|----------------------|| B|----------------------|| G|----------------------|| D|------------------7-9-||You get the idea... A|-------0-2-7-9-10-----|| E|-0-2-3----------------||
CD at 0:31 E|---0-------------|| B|---0-------------|| G|-------2---0---2-|| D|-------0---0---2-|| A|-----------------|| E|-0---2---3---5---||
Then a neat little riff: E|----------------------||
B|----------------------|| G|-4-4-4-2-4--4-4-4-2-4-|| D|-4-4-4-2-4--4-4-4-2-4-|| A|----------------------|| E|----------------------||
CD at 0:46 E|---------|| B|---------|| G|-------5-|| D|-4/5---5-|| A|-2/3-3-3-|| E|---------||
All as triplets E|--------------------------------------------|| B|--------------------------------------------|| G|------------------------------0---0-0-------|| D|-2-4-5-----5-4-2------2-0-------------------|| A|-3-5-7-----7-5-3------3-2-------------------|| E|--------------------------3-----3-----3-2-3-||
CD at 1:20
|Em D/F#| |G5| |Am| |B| |B| |B| |B| |Em| |D/F#| |G5| |Am| |B|
CD at 1:54 E|---15b-rb-----3p0-------|| B|------------0-----0-3p0-|| G|-9--------9-------------|| D|------------------------|| A|------------------------|| E|------------------------||
Well I've updated it a little. Perhaps I'll keep adding to it, don't take the CD times too seriously!!!

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