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Im Wide Awake Its Morning  Bright Eyes

[C]  [F]  [C]  [F]  [C]  [F]  [C]                         
We must ta[C]lk in every telephone Get ea[F]ten off th[C]e web
We must ri[C]p out all the epilogues in the[F] books that we have re[G]ad
And i[C]n the face of every criminal Stra[F]pped firmly to a chair
We mu[C]st stare, we mus[G]t stare, we mus[C]t stare
We must [C]take all of the medicines too ex[F]pensive now t[C]o sell
Set f[C]ire to the preacher who is [F]promising us h[G]ell
And in [C]the ear of every anarchist th[F]at sleeps but doesn't dream
We mu[C]st sing, we must s[G]ing, we must s[C]ing

It'll go like this:
Whil[F]e my mother [G]waters plants
My fath[C]er loads his gu[F]ns
He says d[F]eath will give us [G]back to god
Just li[Am]ke this setting s[F]un is [G]returned to this lonesome ocean

And then they splashed into the deep blue [C]se[F]a [C]  [F]
I[C]t was a [F]wonderful[G] splash [C]  [F]  [C]      [C]   [G]   [C]

We must bl[C]end into the choir Sing [F]ecstatic with the [C]whole
We must mem[C]orize nine numbers and de[F]ny we have a s[G]oul
And in this en[C]dless race for property and[F] privilege to be one
We m[C]ust run, we mu[G]st run, we m[C]ust run
We must ha[C]ng up in the belfry where the b[F]ats and moonlight l[C]augh
We must s[C]tare into a crystal ball and [F]only see the [G]past
And in th[C]e caverns of tomorrow With just our flashli[F]ghts and our love
We must p[C]lunge, we mu[G]st plunge, we mus[C]t plunge
[C]And then we'll get down there to the very bottom of everything
And we'll see it, we'll see it, we'll see it

Oh my[F] mornings coming b[G]ack The wh[C]ole world's wakin[F]g up
In t[F]he city buses are [G]swimming past [Am]I'm happy jus[F]t because
I[G] found out I'm really no one     [C]  [F]  [C]

We Are Nowhere and It's Now

Capo 2

[G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [D]  [G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [D]                   
(play this if you dont have a capo: A C# F# Em A C# F# Em)

[G]If you hate the [Bm]taste of [Em]wine[D], why do you d[G]rink it [Bm]till your [Em]blin[D]d
And if [G]you swear [Bm]that there's no[C] truth and who [D]cares, how come you[Em] say it
like you're ri[D]ght
Why are yo[G]u scared to d[Bm]ream o[Em]f Go[D]d, when it's s[G]alvation[Bm] that you [Em]want[D]
You see, s[G]tars that [Bm]clear have [C]been dead for[D] years, but the i[Em]dea just lives
[G]In our wheels th[Bm]at roll a[Em]roun[D]d, as we move o[G]ver the[Bm] grou[Em]nd  [D]
and all[G] day it se[Bm]ems we've been [C]in betwe[D]en, a pa[Em]st and future to[D]wn

We are [Em]nowhere and it's no[D]w
We are [Em]nowhere and it's no[D]w
In like [C]a ten minute dream in the[D] passenger seat
While the world wa[G]s flying by[D]       [Emm]
I h[Emm]aven't been gone very l[D]ong but it seems like a lifetime
[G]  [Em]   [G]  [Bm]   [G]  [Em]   [G]  [Bm]   [D]                 
[Am]I been sleeping so [D]strange at night
[Am]Side effects they don't a[D]dvertise
[Am]I been sleeping so [D]strange
[Am]With a head full of pe[D]sticide
[G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [D]  [G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [D]                   
[G]I got no plans a[Bm]nd too mu[Em]ch t[D]ime, I feel[G] to rest[Bm]less to un[Em]wind[D]
I'm alw[G]ays lost i[Bm]n thought a[C]s i walk the bl[D]ock to my favo[Em]rite neon-s[D]ign
[G]Where the waitre[Bm]ss looks conc[Em]erne[D]d, but s[G]he never[Bm] says a w[Em]ord [D]
Just tu[G]rns the ju[Bm]kebox on an[C]d we hum alo[D]ng and i smi[Em]le back at h[D]er
[G]And my friend co[Bm]mes after[Em] wor[D]k, when the fe[G]atures s[Bm]tarts to b[Em]lurr[D]
She say[G]s: "These [Bm]bars are fi[C]lled with things tha[D]t kill, but now you
p[Em]robably should have le[D]arned"
Did you fo[Em]rget that yellow [D]bird?
How could you fo[Em]rget that yell[D]ow bird
S[C]he took a small silverese and pinned[D] it on to me,
and said[G] this one will [D]bring you [Em]luck
I don't [Em]know if it's true, but i[D] keep it for good luck
[G]  [Em]   [G]  [Bm]   [G]  [Em]   [G]  [Bm]                    
Old Soul Song (For The New World)

[D]  [Bm]   [G]  [A]  [D]  [D]  [Bm]   [G]  [A]  [D]                 
D Dsus(000230) Bm
Grey like new day leaks through the window
and some old [G]song comes on the[A] alarm clock[D] radio.
[D]We [Dsus]walk the forty blocks to the midd[Bm]le
of the p[G]lace we heard where ev[A]erything woul[D]d be
and there were b[G]arracades to ke[A]ep us off the s[D]treet,
but the [Bm]crowd kept pushing f[G]orward unt[Em]il they swallowed the pol[A]ice.
Yeah, they went[Em] wild yeah, they went w[G]ild.
Yeah, they went[Em] wild yeah, they went w[G]ild.

[D]  [Bm]   [G]  [A]  [D]  [D]  [Bm]   [G]  [A]  [D]                 
We [D]le[Dsus]ft before the dust had time to se[Bm]ttle
and all the b[G]roken glass s[A]wept off the av[D]enue.
On the w[D]ay[Dsus] home I held your camera like a bibl[Bm]e,
wishing s[G]o bad that it hel[A]d some kind of tr[D]uth.
And I stood ne[G]rvous next to yo[A]u in the da[D]rk room,
you dropped the[Bm] paper in the w[G]ater and it [Em]all begins to [A]bloom.

Yeah, they went w[Em]ild yeah, they went wi[G]ld.
Yeah, they went w[Em]ild yeah, they went wi[G]ld.
[D]  [G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [A]  [D]  [G]  [Bm]   [Em]   [A]               
Just wh[G]en I get so lon[A]esome I can't s[D]peak,
I see some f[Bm]lowers on a h[G]ill side, like a w[Em]all of new [A]TVs.
Yeah, they went w[Em]ild. yeah, they went [G]wild.
Yeah, they went [Em]wild. yeah, they went w[G]ild.
Yeah, they went wi[D]ld. yeah, they went [Em]wild.
Yeah, they went w[G]ild. yeah, they went [Em]wild.

well i [G]know that i[G2]t is freezing but i th[G]ink we h[G2]ave to walk[C]  [C2]   [C]  [C2]
I keep[G] waving to the[G2] taxis they keep tur[G]ning the[G2]ir lights o[C]ff[C2]   [C]  [C2]
but[Am] julie knows a party at some actor's westside[D] loft [Dsus2]       [D]   [Dsus2]
supplies are[Am] endless in the[C] evening by [Am]the morni[D]ng they'l[G]l be [G2]gone[G]  [G2]

When eve[G]rything gets lone[G2]ly I can[G] be my o[G2]wn best fri[C]en[C2]d  [C]  [C2]
I'l[G]l grab a coffee a[G2]nd the p[G]aper; ha[G2]ve my own c[C]on[C2]ver[C]sa[C2]tions
Wit[Am]h the sidewalk and the pigeons and my window r[D]eflect[Dsus2]ion    [D]   [Dsus2]
The mask I p[Am]olish in the ev[C]ening, by [Am]the morni[D]ng looks [G]like [G2]shit[G]  [G2]
Am7(002213) G
and i know you have a heavy heart i can feel it when we kiss
Am7 G Dsus(000230)
and many men stronger than me have thrown their backs out tryin to lift it
but[Am] me im not a ga[Em]mble you can[G] count on[D] me to spli[C]t
the love i[Am] show you in the[C] evening by the morn[Am]ing won'[D]t exi[G]st [G2]    [G]   [G2]

You're looking sk[G]inn[G2]y like a model with your eyes[G] al[G2]l painted[C] b[C2]lac[C2]k
You just keep goi[G]ng [G2]to the bathroom always say yo[G]u'l[G2]l be righ[C]t [C2]bac[C2]k
Wel[Am]l it takes one to know one, kid, I think you'v[D]e got [Dsus2]it bad [D]   [Dsus2]
But what's s[Am]o easy in the e[C]vening, by[Am] the morn[D]ing is su[G]ch a [G2]drag[G]. [G2]

I've got a flask [G]ins[G2]ide my pocket we can share it[G] on[G2] the trai[C]n [C2]   [C2]
If you promise to[G] st[G2]ay conscious I will try and d[G]o t[G2]he same  [C]  [C2]   [C2]
We [Am]might die from medication, but we sure killed [D]all th[Dsus2]e pain [D]   [Dsus2]
But what was[Am] normally in th[C]e evening, by th[Am]e morning see[D]ms in[G]sane.[G2]    [G]  [G2]
And I'm[Am7] not sure what the trouble was that s[G]tarted all of this
Am7 G Dsus(000232)
The reasons have run away but the feeling never did
It's not some[Am]thing I would r[Em]ecommend, bu[G]t it is o[D]ne way to l[C]ive
Cause what is[Am] simple in the m[C]oonlight, by[Am] the mor[D]ning never [G]is [G2]    [G]   [G2]
What's so [Am]simple in the mo[C]onlight, now its [Am]so compl[D]icated[Em].
What's so [Am]simple in the moon[C]light, so simpl[Am]e in the mo[C]onlight    [G]

Trail Under Water

Capo 4

You were[A] born inside of a [E]raindrop
I watched you [D]falling to your d[A]eath
And the su[A]n, well it could not[E] save you
It'd fallen [D]down too, the streets ar[A]e wet
Body of wa[A]ter, toxic and t[E]imeless
The Atlantic [D]ocean, New York[A] skyline
I always get l[A]ost when I leave the [E]village
So I couldn't com[D]e meet you in Brooklyn l[A]ast night
But I sing [A]glory for my l[E]owest
And I will say pe[D]ace to the people[E] at me
While the w[A]orld waits for an e[E]xplosion
That instant of life[D] that wipes that slat[A]e clean

So[F#] don't be fo[E]oled
So [F#]don't be li[E]ed to
Lov[C#]e was [F#]always[B] cr[E]uel
Do[F#]n't act stra[E]nge
Don[F#]'t be a str[E]anger
It [C#]happe[F#]ned to[B] me[E], now it's happening to you
But if you take that tr[D]ain underwater then we could talk it through
[A]  [E]  [D]  [A]  [A]  [E]  [D]  [A]                       
Well if I could ta[A]me all of my d[E]esires
Wait out the [D]weather that howls in m[A]y brain
Because it s[A]eems that it's always [E]changing
The wind's ind[D]ecision, the sorrowf[A]ul rain
I was a pos[A]tcard, I was a rec[E]ord
I was a cam[D]era until I went [A]blind
Now I'm r[A]iding all over this i[E]sland
Looking for so[D]mething to open my[E] eyes
Well we still sing[A] glory from a hi[E]ghrise
And I will say t[D]hanks if you're pouring my d[A]rinks
While the wo[A]rld waits for an [E]explosion
That moment in t[D]ime when we are set f[A]ree
So d[F#]on't stay[E] mad
Jus[F#]t let some[E] time pass
And i[C#]n the [F#]morn[B]ing [E]you'll wake feeling new
And[F#] if I d[E]on't come back
I m[F#]ean, if I get[E] sidetracked
It's [C#]only '[F#]caus[B]e I [E]wanted to
Keeping up [D]with the moon on an all night avenue
[A]  [E]  [D]  [A]                               
First Day of my Life

C E Am F G C x2(Pick)

[C]This is the fi[E]rst day of my li[Am]fe
[F]Swear I was bo[G]rn right in the do[C]orway
[C]I went out in the ra[E]in, suddenly everything ch[Am]anged
D7(000212) G
They're spreading blankets on the beach
[C]Yours is the fi[E]rst face that I sa[Am]w
[F]Think I was bl[G]ind before I me[C]t you
[C]Don't know where I am[E], don't know where I've [Am]been
But I know wh[D7]ere I want to go[G]

So [C]I thought I'[G]d let yo[Am]u know
That thes[F]e things take f[G]orever
I[C] especi[C/B]ally a[Am]m slow
D2(003230) C
But I realized how I need you and I wondered if I could come home

C G Am D2(003230) F2(006560) F?(006568)

[C]I remember the ti[E]me you drove all ni[Am]ght
[F]Just to me[G]et me in the mo[C]rning
[C]I thought it was st[E]range, you said everything ch[Am]anged
You felt a[D7]s if you'd just wok[G]e up
And you sai[C]d, "This is th[E]e first day of m[Am]y life.
[F]I'm glad I didn't di[G]e before I me[C]t you.
[C]Now I don't ca[E]re, I could go anywh[Am]ere with you,
And I'[D7]d probably be [G]happy."

So if yo[C]u want t[G]o be wit[Am]h me
With thes[F]e things there's n[G]o telling
We'll jus[C]t have t[C/B]o wait an[Am]d see
But I'd rather b[D2]e working for a paycheck than waiting to win the [C]lottery
Besides, m[D2]aybe this time its different, I mean I really think you [C]like me
E Am D2 F2 F? C E Am D2 F2 F? C

Another Travelin Song

i[B]'m changin all my strings i'm gonna write another travelin' song           [E]
about all [B]the million highways and the cities at the break of dawn          [F#]
i guess the best th[B]at i can do now is pretend that i done nothin wrong             [E]
and to dream ab[F#]out a train thats gonna take back where[E] i belong          [B]
The ocean s[B]peaks and spits and I can feel it from the interstate.            [E]
and I'm sc[B]reaming my brother on a cell phone, he is far away.               [F#]
I'm saying nothing [B]in the past or the future ever will feel like today.            [E]
I tell him park[F#] it in the alley and just hoping that o[E]ur shit is safe.   [B]

So I go ba[E]ck and forth forever      [B]
All my thou[E]ghts they come in pairs      [B]
Oh, I will, [E]I won't, I doubt, I don'[F#]t
I'm not [C#m]surprised, and I never feel quit[E]e prep[F#]ared                           [B]

Now I'm hunched over a typewriter, I guess you'd call it painting in a cave.
And there's a word I can't remember and a feeling I cannot forsake.
And now my ashtray's overflowing, I'm still staring at a clean, white page.
The morning's at my[F#] window and she's sending me to bed again.        [E]     [B]
Well I dreame[B]d of dark on the horizon, I dreamed of desert where the[E] dead lay down.
I dreamed a prosti[B]tuted child touching an old man in a fast food crowd.[F#]
Oh yeah I dreamt th[B]e ship was sinking there were people screaming all around  [E]
and I awoke to [F#]my alarm clock, it was a pop song, it w[E]as playing loud.     [B]

So I wi[E]ll find my fears and face the[B]m,
Or I will [E]cower like a dog. [B]
I'll kick and[E] scream or kneel in glee,[F#]
I'll f[C#]ight like hell to hide that I'm[E] givi[F#]ng up!                  [B]

[B]  [B]  [B]  [B]                               
Landlock Blues

Capo 3

If you [C]walk away,[G] I'll walk awa[C]y
First tel[C]l me which roa[G]d you will take   [C]
I don't[Am] want to risk o[G]ur paths crossing [C]some day    [Am]
So you wa[C]lk that way, I'll[G] walk this way   [C]
And the[C] future ha[G]ngs over our h[C]eads
And it mo[C]ves with each [G]current event     [C]
Until i[Am]t falls all aro[G]und like a cold st[C]eady rain   [Am]
Just stay[C] in when it's loo[G]king this way    [C]
And the m[C]oon's laying low [G]in the sky       [C]
Forcing e[C]verything metal t[G]o shine          [C]
And the[Am] sidewalk holds[G] diamonds like the[C] jewelry sto[Am]re case
They argu[C]e walk this way, [G]now walk this way[C]
And Lau[C]ra's aslee[G]p in my bed   [C]
As I'm le[C]aving she wake[G]s up and says     [C]
"I drea[Am]med you were ca[G]rried away on the [C]crest of a w[Am]ave
Baby don'[C]t go away, com[G]e here"           [C]
And there[C]'s kids playin[G]g guns in the stre[C]et
And ones [C]pointing his t[G]ree branch at me  [C]
So I pu[Am]t my hands up I[G] say "enough is en[C]ough,       [Am]
If you wa[C]lk away, I'll [G]walk away"        [C]
And he shot me dead

I [Am]found a li[G]quid cure   [C]
From[Am] my landlocked b[G]lues       [C]
It'll pass[F] away like a[G] slow par[C]ade        [Am]
It's leaving [C]but I don't know ho[G]w soon           [C]

[C]  [G]  [C]  [C]  [G]  [C]  [Am]   [G]  [C]  [Am]   [C]  [G]  [C]           
And the world[C]'s got me dizzy [G]again         [C]
You think after [C]22 years I'd be u[G]sed to the spin   [C]
And it on[Am]ly feels worse[G] when I stay in[C] one place      [Am]
So I'm always p[C]acing around or walki[G]ng away         [C]
I keep drinking the ink from my pen
And I'm balancing history books up on my head
But it all boils down to one quotable phrase
If you love something, give it away
A good woman will pick you apart
A box full of suggestions for your possible heart
But you may be offended and you may be afraid
But don't walk away, don't walk away
We made love on the living room floor
With the noise in background of a televised war
And in the deafening pleasure I thought I heard someone say
"If we walk away, they'll walk away"
But greed is a bottomless pit
And our freedom's a joke
We're just taking a piss
And the whole world must watch the sad comic display
If you're still free start running away
Cause we're coming for you!

[C]  [G]  [C]  [C]  [G]  [C]  [Am]   [G]  [C]  [Am]   [C]  [G]  [C]           
I've grown tired of holding this post
I feel more like a stranger each time I come home
So I'm making a deal with the devils of faith
Saying "let me walk away, please"
You'll be free child once you have died
From the shackles of language and immeasurable time
And then we can trade places, play musical grace
Till then walk away, walk away

S[Am]o I'm u[G]p at daw[C]n
Putt[Am]ing on my [G]shoes   [C]
I just wan[F]t to make a [G]clean esc[C]ape        [Am]
I'm leaving[C] but I don't know [G]where to              [C]
I know I'm [C]leaving but I don'[G]t know where to               [C]

Poison Oak

A Dsus3(000230) or (000220) A Dsus3

poi[A]son oak some boyho[Dsus3]od bravery
when a telephone[A] was a tin can on a [Dsus3]string
F#/A(202220) E
and i fell asleep with you still talking to me
you s[A]aid you weren't afrai[Dsus3]d to die      [A]  [Dsus3]
in polaroids yo[A]u were dressed in womans clo[Dsus3]thes
were you m[A]ade ashamed?
why'd you lock them in the [Dsus3]drawer?
well i don[F#/A]'t think that i ever loved you than wh[E]en
[A]you turned away
when you[Dsus3] slammed the door
when you stole the car
drove towards mexico
and you wrote [A]bad checks
just to fill yo[Dsus3]ur arm
i was young enoug[Fm7]h
i still believed[Em7] in war

[A]   [Fm7]      [A]   [Fm7]                         
E Fm7(200230)
but let the poets cry themselves to sleep
an a[E]ll there tearful words will turn back into s[Fm7]team
me i'm a single[A] cell on the serpents tongue       [Dsus3]
theres a mud[Fm7]dy field where the garden wa[Em7]s
well im glad [A]you got away
but i'm still st[Dsus3]uck out here
my clothes are [Fm7]soaking wet
from your b[Em7]rothers tears

[A]   [Fm7]     [A]   [Fm7]                          
and i neve[E]r thought this life was possi[Fm7]ble
your the yellow [E]bird
that i've been waiting f[Fm7]or
the end of paralys[A]is
i was a statuette [D]
now i'm drunk as h[Fm7]ell
on a piano benc[Em7]h
and when i[A] press the keys
its all gets rever[D]sed
the sound of [Fm7]loneliness
makes me happ[Em7]ier

[A]  [Fm7]    [A]  [Fm7]                             
Road to Joy

Capo 1


The sun came up with no conclusion
It's flowers sleeping in their beds
The cities cometary's humming
I'm wide-awake, it's morning

I have my drugs, I have my woman
They keep away my loneliness
My parents have they have their religion
But sleep in separate houses

I read th[Em]e body count out of the paper      [Am]
And now it[F]'s written all [G]over my face    [C]
No one ev[Em]er plans to sleep out in the gutter[Am]
Sometimes[F] that's just the most comf[G]ortable place                        [C]

So I'm drinking, breathing, writing, singing Everyday up on the clock
My mind races with all my longings But cant keep up with what I got

I hope I don't sound too ungrateful What history gave modern man
The telephone to talk to strangers Machine guns and the camera lens

So when you're aske[Em]d to fight a war that's over nothing                  [Am]
It's best t[F]o join the side that[G]'s gonna win       [C]
And no one's sure ho[Em]w all of this got started           [Am]
But we're gonna [F]make them goddam certain how[G] its gonna end                           [C]
Oh ya we will, [C]oh ya we will!

[C]Well I could have been a famous singer
If I had someone else's voice
But failure's always sounded better C C C C
Lets fuck it up boys, make some noise!

The sun came up with no conclusion
It's flowers sleeping in their beds
The cities cometary's humming
I'm wide-awake, it's morning

[C]   [C]   [C]  [C]  [C]  [C]  [C]                      

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