Shoot All The Clowns

Bruce Dickinson

From Bruce Dickinson's - BALLS TO PICASSO
Tabbed by Drifter, email
Riff 1 + Intro
E------|------|-----------|--------- B------|-4----|-----------|-9---9--- G------|-4-4--|-----2-----|-9----9-- D-4----|-4--4-|-----2---2-|-9-----9- A-4----|-2----|-0-0-0---0-|-7------- E-2----|------|-----------|-0-------
Riff 2 + Verse
E-------------------- B-------------------- G-------------------- D-------------------- A-4-4-4----7-7------- E-2-2-2--2-5-5--0-1--
Fill (over riff2)
E----------------|-------------------| B---_________________________--------| G-4^ (6)-|-<6><6><6>^(4)-2---| D----------------|-----------------4-| A----------------|-------------------| E----------------|-------------------|
E-------------------|---------------2---------------------- B-------------------|-----------------5(4)(2)-------------- G-----------2---2-4-|-<4>^(6)-4-2-4^---------4^(6)(4) (2)-- D-------2-4---4-----|------------------------------------4- A-2-(4)-------------|-------------------------------------- E-------------------|--------------------------------------
Play the B at the start, slow bend up to C# and whilst holding the bend, play the C# harmonics then release down to B. Harmonics are denoted by the note in "< >"

E--------------|-----------------|-----------|---------| B--------------|-----------------|-----------|---------| G-4------------|-4-------2-------|-----------|---------| D-4------------|-4-------2-------|-----------|---------| A-2------------|-2-------0-------|-4---------|---------| E--------------|-----------------|-2---------|---------|
E--------------|-----------------|-----------| B--------------|-----------------|-----------| G-4------------|-4-------2-------|-6---------| D-4------------|-4-------2-------|-6---------| Fill 2 A-2------------|-2-------0-------|-4---------| E--------------|-----------------|-----------|
Fill 2
E-------------_______________---| B-4--4-2----4^_____(5)5(5)(4)---| G-4--4-2----4^ (5)5(5)(4)-2-| D--------2----------------------| A-------------------------------| E-------------------------------|
Riff1(X2) Riff2(X4) + Fill1
verse Riff2 X8
Chorus then Fill2 at the end
Riff2(X4) + guitar solo and end of Fill1
verse2 Riff2 X8
Chorus then Fill2 at the end
Guitar solo
Chorus then Fill2 at the end
Riff1 (repeat till fade with guitar solos over the top)

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