Jimmy Buffett


 Now they make new movies in old black and white
 With happy endings, where nobody fights
So if you find yourself in that nostalgic rage
Honey, jump right up and show your age
     I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
     The "Boston Blackie" kind
     A two toned Ricky Ricardo jacket
     And an autographed picture of Andy Devine
     Oh I remember bein' buck-toothed and skinny
     Writin' fan letters to Sky's niece Penny
     Oh I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
     Then I could solve some mysteries too
Oh it's Bandstand, Disneyland, growin' up fast
 Drinkin' on a fake I.D. 
And Rama of the jungle was everyone's Bawana
But only jazz musicians were smokin' marijuana
Yeah, I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
then I could solve some mysteries too
(same as above chords with this verse)
But then it's flat top, dirty bob, coppin' a feel
Grubbin' on the livin' room floor (so sore)
Yeah, they send you off to college, try to gain a little knowledge,
But all you want to do is learn how to score
Yeah, but now I'm gettin' old, don't wear underwear
don't go to church and I don't cut my hair
But I can go to movies and see it all there
Just the way that it used to be
That's why I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
The "Boston Blackie" kind, a two-toned Ricky Ricardo jacket
And an autographed picture of Andy Devine
Oh, I could be anyone I wanted to be
Maybe suave Errol Flynn or a Sheik of Araby
If I only had a pencil thin mustache
Then I could do some cruisin' too
     Yeah, Bryl-cream, a little dab'll do yah
     Oh, I could do some cruisin' too

Chord diagrams: E7 - |o2o1oo| A7 - |xo2o2o|
B7 - |x212o2| F#7- |xx432o|
F#m - |244222| Bb - |113331| C7 - |x3231o|

()==u== || "People criticize us for writing songs |
________=//=______\____ || about sex and booze and drugs... but, |
|\ //=== \, \ || sorry, that's the ballpark I play in." |
| \ ( ) /|\ | \ || -bootleg of a 1975 San Fran. show |
 \  \  (@ )| | |    __|__  \  ||=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|

\ \__~~__________________\ || Mike A. Hall |
\ | JB - Live Tonight | || Choir Director/Church of Buffett-Orthodox |
\|______________________| || "Marvin Gardens R.I.P." --- "RDWHAHB" |

A7 B7 Bb C7 D D7 E7 Em F#7 F#m G
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SouthPaw41L (report comment to admin):
C7 should be C#7