On the quick up strokes hammer the the B string on the 3rd fret with your pinky.
I haven't got the chorus down yet, but its similar to the verses...Sorry.

So we think that we're important

And we think that we make sense  

And we think there's something better on the other side of this fence  

And you can soak your bread in gravy

You can soak your bread in soup   

But the car that you are driving doesn't really belong to you  

So you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting
For someone else to call
Yeah you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting
I say always be waiting

Verse (played same as above)
And you can soak your bread in water
You can soak your bread in wine
It can seem like you are living like you're having a real good time
And you can do it to your conscience
You can do it all the time
You can do it with a vengeance in the morning after nine

Repeat Chorus

A A7 Amaj7 D E F
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