Capo 2.
 Eacb cbord is balf of a measure


Too tired to fight so I just gave in
Last night I slept in your arms again
And I felt my heart next to your skin
      Beatin' like crazy  

Been runnin' from something I can't explain
It ain't just anger, it ain't just pain
But it goes away when you call my name
      Callin' me baby  
But you ain't no good for a girl like me                     

I was doin' fine when I first met you
Swept me off my feet, next thing I knew
I was wonderin' where you'd gone off to
Leavin' me lonely

This town's too small for your kind of games
Pointin' fingers, namin' names
But I'm so far gone I'll take anything
That you can give me
Still you ain't no good for a girl like me           

Last night I felt that I couldn't stand no more          
But I found myself standin' right here by your door            

Too tired to care that you're bad for me
My heart says stay, but my head says leave
But I can't get far when I'm on my knees
Begging you baby
You ain't no good for a girl like me                     


Last night I felt that I couldn't stand no more
But I found myself standin' right here by your door

Too tired to fight so I just gave in
Last night I slept in your arms again
And I felt my heart next to your skin
Beatin' like crazy
Beatin' like crazy
Am7 Am7 G G G G D D D D C G/B D.
 instrumental ending...
     Beatin' like crazy       Hey!    

- Adam Schneider, schneider@pobox.com

A7 Am7 C D D7 G G/B
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