Forever Blue

Chris Isaak


 Nobody ever warns you
 or tells you what to do
 She walks away,    you're left to stay
 Alone, forever blue

 The stars have all stopped shining
 The sun just won't break through
 Each day's the same, more clouds more rain
 Life, forever blue 

 Forever blue because you love her
but she doesn't love you
You did your best,    life did the rest
You're left forever blue

Repeat the intro part for the no-vocals part
(the first part, however, goes like this:
A F#m C#m =20

-6---5--|D =20
If you're confused, listen to the damned CD!
 No reason left for living
still there's a lot to do
New tears to cry,    old songs to sing
and feel forever blue
and be forever              blue

   :|^^^^^^^^|::::::::::::::: Tang Seng Chun Alvin :::::::::::::::|^^^^^^^^|:
:| (.)(.) |:::::::::: email me at :::::::::::| (.)(.) |:

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A A5 C#m D D6 Dm E Em F F#m Gm
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