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The Christmas Song Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire  Chris Rice

[C]Chestnuts r[Dm6]oasting on an [Em]open f[Am/F]ire
[C]Jack [C6]Frost [C7]nipping at your [F]nose[E/G#]
[Am]Yuletide [Fm6/G#]carols being [C/G]sung by a[B] choir
And [Emaj7]folks dressed [Bb7/F]up like Esk[G]imos

Everybody [C]knows a [Dm7]turkey and some [Em]mistleto[Am/F]e
[C]Help [C6]to m[C7]ake the season [F]bright [E/G#]
[Am]Tiny [Fm6/G#]tots with their [C/G]eyes all [B]aglow
Will [Em]find it [Am]hard to [F/G]sleep [G]toni[C]ght

They know that [Gm7]Santa's on his[Am7/F] way
Heís loaded [Bb/G]lots of toys and g[Gm/C]oodies
On his [Am7/F]sleigh
And every [Ab/F]motherís child [Ab/Bb]is gonna [Bb/Eb]spy
To see if [D7]Reindeer really know how to [Fm6/D]fly    [G]

And [C]so Iím [Dm6]offering this [Em]simple phrase[Am/F]
To ki[C]ds [C6]from [C7]one to ninety-[F]two  [E/G#]
Alt[Am]hough its been [Fm/G#]said many [C/G]times, many [B/F#]ways
[F]Merry [C/G]Christ[Dm/G]mas to [C]you