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Trying To Get The Feeling Again  Christian Bautista

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Intro: G-D-C-A7-D-B7

[Em]At any mom[Bm7]ent he'll be  [C]
[C#mdim7]walking through [F#]that doo[Bm]r
But he won'[E]t find me behind[A] it
Cau[Em]se the feeling [Bm7]is gone and j[C]ust
Won'[C#dim7]t come back[F#] any more[B]
I[F#] worked so [Bm]hard to [Am7]find it [D]
Ive [G]been up,down[D],trying to g[C]et
th[D]e feeling [G]again
Al[D]l around trying to ge[C]t the
[D]feeling agai[C]n

The o[C#dim7]ne that m[F#]ade me shiv[Bm]er
Make my [E]knees start to[Am] quiver
eve[C]rytime he walks i[D]n
I'v[G]e look high,l[D]ow,every[C]where
I p[D]ossibly ca[G]n
But there's j[D]ust no tryi[C]ng to
get the f[C#dim7]eeling again[Bm7]
I[E]t seemed to disappear [Am7]as fast
a[F]t it came
Read e[E7]very book[Am], looked f  G
every meditation and poem
Just to b[D]ring home that old [F]
sweet se[E7]nsation
But it [Am7]ain't no use to [D]me
to try to
g[Bm]et the feel[D]ing again [G]

[Em]Where did it run t[Bm]o
I[C] thought i'd do[C#dim7]ne all that [F#]I co[Bm]uld
Just to kee[E]p the love light
But[Em] whatever I've done  [Bm7]
I[C] just haven[C#dim7]'t done it
[F#]too[Bm] good
C[F#]oz all that left i[Bm]s yearni[Am7]n   [D]
Could you help [C#dim7]me rediscov[F#]er      [Bm]
T[E]he way to re-e h[Am]is lover once ag[G]ain
Re[E]ad every book,[Am] looked for
e[D]very meditation and [G]poem
Just to brin[D]g home that o[F]ld
sweet sensation [E7]
B[Am7]ut ain't no use to me to[D] try
t[Bm]o get the fe[D]eling
I[Bm] want to get that feeli[D]ng again

Ive been look,dow[G]n, tr[D]ying to[C]
g[D]et the feelin(3x)
Ive been...[G]trying[D] to get t[C]he feel[D]in again[G]

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