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Rock The Casbah  Clash

[Em]        [F]        [Em]        [Am]            
|1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &|1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &|
[Am]/   /   / / /   [Em]/   /   / * *     (* = clap, or strum)
[F]                [F]                    
That's it. Now over the lyrics...

Dm |Am G6 |
Em F |Em Am |
Dm |Am G6 |
Em F |Em Am |
Now the...

Verse 1:
Am |Em |
King told the boogie men, "You have to
G |Dm |
let that raga drop." (clap,clap) The
Am |Em |
oil down the desert way has been
G |Dm |
shakin' to the top. (clap,clap) The
Am |Em |
Sheik he drove his Cadillac, he went a
G |Dm |
cruisin down the ville. (clap,clap) The
Am |Em |
Muezzin was a standing on the
F |F |
rad-i-a-tor grill–a-ill – a-ille. (Whoa!!!)

Dm |Am G6 |
Shareef don't like it! (clap,clap)
Em F |Em Am |
Rock the Casbah! Rock the Casbah!
Dm |Am G6 |
Shareef don't like it! (clap,clap)
Em F |Em Am |
Rock the Casbah! Rock the Casbah!

Verse 2:
By [Am]order of the prophet,      [Em]
"We [G]ban that boogie sound!    [Dm]     (clap,clap)
De[Am]generate the faithful       [Em]
with that [G]crazy Casbah sound."[Dm]     (clap,clap)
But the [Am]Bedouin, they brought out the [Em]electric camel drum.
The [G]local guitar picker got his [Dm]guitar picking thumb.
As [Am]soon as the Shareef had [Em]cleared the square,
[F]They began to wail-a-[F]ail-ail!     (Ohhh!!!)

[Dm]Shareef don't like it! [Am]     [G6]
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!
[Dm]Shareef don't like it! [Am]     [G6]
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!

Verse 3:
Now [Am]over at the temple [Em]
Oh, they [G]really pack em in.  [Dm]
The [Am]in crowd say, "It's cool,[Em]
to dig this [G]chanting thing!" [Dm]
But as the [Am]wind changed direction[Em]
and the [G]temple band took five [Dm]
The [Am]crowd got a whiff [Em]
of that [F]crazy Casbah [F]jive!!!

Chorus (Same as previous)

Verse 4:
The [Am]King called up his jet fighters,[Em]
He said, "[G]You better earn your pay - ay. [Dm]
Drop [Am]your bombs down between the Minarets[Em],
down the [G]Casbah way - yay."  [Dm]
As [Am]soon as the Shareef was [Em]chauffeured out of there,
the [G]jet pilots tuned to the [Dm]cockpit radio blare.
As [Am]soon as the Shareef was [Em]outta their hair,
The [F]jet pilots wail – [F]ail - ailed.   (Ahhh!!!)

Outro Chorus:
[Dm]Shareef don't like it! [Am]     [G6]
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!
(repeat, then...)

[Dm]Shareef don't like it! He [Am]thinks it's not [G6]kosher!
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!
[Dm]Shareef don't like it! Funda[Am]mentally he can't [G6]take it!
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!
[Dm]Shareef don't like it! You [Am]know he really [G6]hates it!
[Em]Rock the [F]Casbah! [Em]Rock the [Am]Casbah!

(then, repeat following to fade...)
[Dm]Shareef don't like it!  [Am]       [G6]
[Em]         [F]        [Em]         [Am]           
Note: This is a very simplified version, but it works to get the gist
of the song down. And, it is complete. I fought with a previous guy's
tab, and after taking out all the 7ths and working out the details
(G6, outro, etc), I figured I should share. On my acoustic, it sounds
pretty cool – much improved to me anyways. I hope you find it useful,
and comments to perfect/correct are welcome.


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Am Dm Em F G G6
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lukebass (report)

I changed the Gs in the verses to G6. They sounded better to be and the G6 is used in the chorus. Other then that I only cleaned up the format.