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Magnificent Seven  Clash

[A]      [C]                               
Verse 1:
Ring! [A]ring! its 7:00 a.[A]m.!
Move y[F]self to go again
Cold [A]water in the [A]face
Brings you [F]back to this awful place
Knuckle [A]merchants and you bankers, [A]too
Must get [F]up an learn those rules
Weather [A]man and the crazy [A]chief
One says [F]sun and one says sleet
A.m., the [A]f.m. the p.m. [A]too
Churning [F]out that boogaloo
Gets you [A]up and gets you [A]out
But how [F]long can you keep it up?
Gimme [A]honda, gimme [A]sony
So [F]cheap and real phony
Hong kong [A]dollars and indian [A]cents
English [F]pounds and eskimo pence

You [D]lot! what?
[G]Dont [F]stop! give it all you got!
You [D]lot! what?
[C]Dont stop! yeah!
You [D]lot! what?
[G]Dont [F]stop! give it all you got!
You [D]lot! what?
[C]Dont stop! yeah!

Verse 2:
Working for a [A]rise, better my [A]station
Take my [F]baby to sophistication
Shes seen the [A]ads, she thinks its [A]nice
Better work [F]hard - I seen the [D]price
Never mind [A]that its time for the [A]bus
We got to [F]work - an youre one of us
Clocks go [A]slow in a place of [A]work
Minutes [F]drag and the hours [D]jerk
When can I [A]tell em wot I do?[F]
In a [A]second, maaan.[C]..oright chuck!
Wave [D]bub-bub-bub-bye to the boss
Its our [F]profit, its his loss
But [D]anyway lunch bells ring
Take one [C]hour and do your th[A]anng[F]!

Verse 3:
What do we [A]have for enter[A]tainment?
Cops kickin [F]gypsies on the pavement
Now the [A]news - snap to a[A]ttention!
The lunar [F]landing of the dentist convention
Italian [A]mobster shoots a [A]lobster
Seafood [F]restaurant gets out of hand
A car in the [A]fridge
Or a fridge in the [A]car?
Like cowboys [F]do - in t.v. land

You [D]lot! what?
[G]Dont [F]stop! huh?
You [D]lot! what?
[C]Dont stop!   huh?
You [D]lot! what?
[G]Dont [F]stop! yeah!
You [D]lot! what?
[C]Dont stop!

Verse 4:
So get back to [A]work an sweat some [A]more
The sun will [F]sink an we'll get out the door
Its no good for [A]man to work in [A]cages
Hits the [F]town, he drinks his wages
Youre [A]frettin, youre [A]sweatin
But did you [F]notice you aint gettin?
Youre [A]frettin, youre [A]sweatin
But did you [F]notice you aint gettin anywhere?
Dont you ever [A]stop long enough to [A]start?
To take your [F]car outta that gear
Dont you ever [A]stop long enough to [A]start?
To get your [F]car outta that gear
Karl [A]marx and fredrich [A]engels
Came to the [F]checkout at the 7-11
Marx was [A]skint - but he had [A]sense
Engels [F]lent him the necessary pence

What have [D]we got? [A]yeh-[G]o  [F]  [G]
What have [D]we got? yeh-[C]o
What have [D]we got? [A]Mag[G]nificenc[F]e![G]
What have [D]we got? yeh-[C]o

Luther [A]king and mahatma [A]gandhi
Went to the [F]park to check on the game
But they was [A]murdered by the other [A]team
Who went on to [F]win 50-nil
You can be [A]true, you can be [A]false
You be [F]given the same reward
Socra[A]tes and milhous [A]nixon
Both went the [F]same way - through the kitchen
Pla[D]to the greek or rin tin tin
[G]Whos more [F]famous to the billion millions?[D]   [C]
News flash: vacuum [A]cleaner sucks up [A]budgie

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