With Arms Wide Open


fig 1. fades in with.
|--------------------------------------| |--0h1---------1---------1h4----1------| |-------0--------0---------------------| |---------2----------------------------| |--3--------3-------3---3-----3--------| |--------------------------------------|
|--------------------------------------------| |---0h1p0--0h1----------1-------1h4----1-----| |-----------------0-------0------------------| |-------------------0------------------------| |--3-------2----------2------2--2----2-------| |--------------------------------------------|
|--------------------------------------| |---0h1p0---0h1--------1---------0h1p0-| |----------------0-------0-------------| |------------------2-------------------| |-2---------0--------0-----0-----------| |--------------------------------------|
|-------------------------------------------------| |-----0------0h1-----1-----0h1p0------1-----------| |0----------------0---------------0----0----------| |--2-----2---------2---2------------2-------------| |----0-----0-0-------0---0-----------0---0--------| |-------------------------------------------------| with lyrics:
well i just heard, the news today, seems my life, is gonna change, i close my eyes, begin to pray, as tears of joy, stream down my face. end fig. 1
fig. 2 |-3------------------2--------0---------------| |-6-strum------------5--------3---------------| |-5--few----5-few----4--------2---------------|
|-3-times---5-more---2-strum--0--few more times |-3---------3-times--2--------0---------------| |-3------------------2--------0---------------|
with arms wide open,,, under the sunlight, welcome to this place, i'll show you everything. with arms wide open,,,,, with arms wide open............. end fig 2.
repeat FIG 1, intro
well i dunno, if i'm ready, to be the man, i have to be, i'll take a breath i take her by my side,, we stated all, we've created life....
Repeat FIG2,twice with distortion with arms wide open, under the sunlight, welcome to this place, i'll show you everything with arms wide open now everything has changed, i'll show you love, i'll show you everything, with arms wide open, end fig 2.
repeat fig 1 ,, again,, with more arms wide opens and showing everythings
then the solo, that i don't know the chords for it are
|---------------------------------------| |---1------------0-----------------------| |---0------------0-----------------------| |---0----and-----0-----------------------| |---2------------2-----------------------| |---------------------------------------|

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