A Change

Sheryl Crow

 eadgbe         eadgbe        eadgbe
|o----o|	|x---xx|	|xo---o|

|-11---| |-1----| |--12--|
|----2-| |------| |----4-|
|---3--| |--34--| |------|
|------| |------| |------|
|------| |------| |------|

Wherever is says E7 then B5 that just means the main riff

Main Riff capo 1st fret



Verse 1
 Life used  to be a gay  thing 
 filled with  happiness, night and day  thing
It was  something to  have and to hold
 But it  seems that your love grew cold

 I never knew that our romance had ended,
 Until you poisoned my food
And I thought it was a lark
When you kicked me in the park 
  But now I think it was rude. 

 I never knew that you and I were finished
 Until that bottle hit my head
Though I tried to be aloof
when you pushed me off the roof, 
 Am7}I feel our D7G7C
 romance is dead

It wouldn't have been so bad if you'd told me 
 That someone had taken my place 
 Am7D7Am7scold me Dm7
But no, you didn't even 
 You just tried to disfigure my face 

 CAmknow bow tbis D7Dm7G7
 You'l never heart of mine is breaking
 It looks so hopeless but then;
Life used to be so  placid
won't you please put down the acid? 
And say that we're  again
 A7 augD7CDm7C6