Feet To The Sun


---------------    by dada

e ---------------------- -------0-2\-----0-----| or you can even try
B ---------------------- -0-0-3------0-3---0---| playing it on the D
G ---------------------- ----------------------| and G strings high on
D -----0-2--4\---0-2---- or ----------------------| the neck. I like the
A -2-2---------2-----2-- ----------------------| first, "bass" version
E ---------------------- ----------------------| when playing alone

They say it's a waste  
A waste of water
Don't let it run through the cracks
But you roll it like a wave 
A wall of water
Slides right off your back

C#m G*
By the way
You'll be happy just to learn
I've given up on you
By the way
You'll be happy just to learn
I've given up on you    e --0--0--2--4h5p4--  these "extra" parts are

Em Em C C E difficult to include with
Given up on you   e --0--0--2--0h2p0--        only one guitar

 Down to the river
The river I run
 Down to the river
The river I run
 Point my face to the water
My feet to the sun

Opening Riff

They say you have your ways
Your ways about you
Beautiful lips tell lies
I'm going through a phase
Like a moon without you
Howling to cold black skies


Opening Riff (play the higher pitched version to lead into the solo)

e ----------4h5p4--2h4p0---0---0---0--------------------------------------0h2-|
B -2-0-2-3-------------------3---0------------------------------------0h2-----|
G -----------------------------------2-2/4-4-2-0------------------0h2---------|
D -----------------------------------------------4-2-0--------0h2-------------|
A ------------------------------------------------------2-0h2-----------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e -4h5p4--5p4-0-2-0--2/4-7---

note: the last part of the solo --2/4-7-- comes at the same time as the C#m
in the Pre-chorus chords. to play the song solo either eliminate the
last part and go to the C#m or hold the final note of the solo and
then go to the G* (next chord in the Pre-chorus).

Chorus (repeat until end)


Asus4 x0223x
G 320033
G* 355433
Dsus4 xx0233
 C(9)    x32033

A Am Asus4 Bm C C#m D Dsus4 E Em G
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