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Surround   Dada

hi.  i sent this in yesterday, but i made the mistake of saying that there
should be a capo on the first fret, when in fact my guitar was tuned down a
half step when i tabbed it.  i edited the note about the capo out of the
file, and am re-submitting the correct version.  if possible, could you
simply replace the old file with the corrected version?  thanks.


by dada   From the album "Puzzle"

tabbed by Jeff Matson (

Standard tuning.

Riff 1

E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ------0-----0-----0--------0-----0-----0----------------------------------|
D ----2-----2-----2--------4-----4-----4------------------------------------|
A --3-----3-----3--------5-----5-----5--------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Listen to the recording for the rhythm.

Riff 2

E --3-----3-----3-3------3--------3-----3-----3-3-----3--5-----|
B -----3-----3-------3------3--------3-----3-------3-----------|
G -------------------------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------|


Riff 1 (x4)

Verse: (play Riff 2 over the verses)

There's a picture on my wall
A crack in the ceiling
Cigarette burns in my hall
I get the feeling

     A(9)       Riff 1
That you...   surround me
     A(9)       Riff 1
That you...   surround me

play Riff 2 twice then
If I died a thousand times
My soul washed beside me
I will never be alone
You're always inside me

    A(9)       Riff 1
And you...   surround me
    A(9)       Riff 1
And you...   surround me

Chords under the solo:

E    D(9) riff    C     A(9)
E    D(9) riff    C     A(9)
E    D(9) riff    C     A(9)
E    D(9) riff    C*

the "D(9) riff" denotes the fact that the fourth strum of the D(9)
is actually a D(4).  If you listen to the recording carefully,
you can hear it.

the solo itself is very easy, done with a slide:

G  ---3/9---3/9---3/9---3/9---11--12-------

A(9)       Riff 1
You...   surround me
A(9)        Riff 1
And you...  surround me

As the chorus is repeated over and over at the end, the repeating portion
A(9)  Riff 1

is gradually replaced by the chords
A(9)   C   D(9)

A(9)  002200
E     022100
D(9)  xx023x
D(4)  xx0233
C     x32010

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