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Five Years   David Bowie

Five Years
|:G               |                  |                |          G  F# |bass
           Pushing through the market square,
                A  girl my age went   off her head

|Em               |                  |                |                |
               so  many mothers sighing
          hit some tiny children (no C 2nd time)

|A                |                  |                |          G  A  |
              News had just come over                            we had
       If the black had not pulled her off                           I

|C                |                  |                |C     Bm     Am |
 five years               left   to   cry in      
 think        she        would  have  killed them

|G                |                  |                |          G   F#|
          News guy wept  and   told   us                    
              A soldier with a broken arm                     fixed his 

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 Earth               was really       dying
 stare      to the wheels  of  a      Cadillac

|A                |                  |                |          G  A  |
      Cried   so    much his face was wet,                       then I 
      A cop knelt   and kissed    the feet of a priest            and a 

|C                |                  |                |  C    Bm   Am  |
knew                  he   was    not lying                   I  heard
queer     threw up        at    the  sight of that

|G                |                  |                |         Bm F#m |
 telephones        opera house,      favourite melodies       I  saw
 I think I saw you             in an  ice  cream  parlour 

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 boys,             toys electric      irons    and T.V's            My
     drinking milk shakes    cold and long

|A                |                  |                |                |
 brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare.....      I had to
  Smiling   and    waving      and     looking    so  fine

|C                |                  |                |                |
I had to cram so many things to store evrything in there and all the fat
Don't think you knew      you were in this song       |(next section)

|Am               |                  |C               |                |
 skinny people                             and all the tall      short 

|Am               |                  |C               |  C   Bm   Am   |
 people                                    And all the no    bod   y 

|G                |                  |C              |       G    Am   |
 people                                   and all the some   bod   y

|D7               |                  |                |                |
 people                I never thought I'd need         so   man   y 

|Am               |                  |C               |  C     Bm  Am :|
 people                                                 (back to start)

(Continued from above)
|C                |                  |                |   C   Bm   Am  |
Don't think you knew      you were in this song         And  it   was

|G                |                  |                |        G   F#m |
 cold       and it rained        so I felt  like   an  actor      and I

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 thought      of   Ma           and I wanted to get    back there  your

|A                |                  |                |                |
 face         your race           the  way  that  you  talk           I

|C                |                  |                |                |
 kiss you, you're  beautiful,      I   want  you   to  walk    We  got

|:G               |                  |                |                |
 Five              years               stuck  on   my  eyes

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 Five              years                what  a   surprise,     We  got

|A                |                  |                |                |
 Five             years          my   brain hurts a lot          We got 

|C                |                  |                |               :|

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