Where We Start

David Gilmour


 Where we start, is where we end.                 
 We step out sweetly,    with nothing planned.                            
 Along by the river,     we feed bread to the swans          
 And then over the footbridge, to the woods beyond.                       

 We walk ourselves weary,        you and I.         
 There's just this moment.                          

 I light a camp fire,    away from the path.        
 We lie in the blue bells,       a woodpecker laughs.                     

 Time passes slowly,     our hearts entwined.             
 All of the dark times,  left behind.                                             

 The day is done,                the sun sinks low.
 We fold up the blanket,         it's time to go.                 

 We walk ourselves weary,        arm in arm.              
 Back through the twilight,      home again.             We're home again.        

 We waltz in the moonlight,      and the embers glow.             
 So much behind us, still far to go,             still far to go.                 

Gmaj7		F#m		Gmaj7		F#m <------ REPEAT TO THE END

Not sure if this is 100% correct but it works well for me with the cd. Corrections,
etc. are welcomed - martywalsh19@hotmail.com

Chords used:
Gmaj7: 3x5432
F#m: 244222
Fmaj7: 13321x
Em: 022000
A: x02220
Amaj7: x02120
C: x32010
Cmaj7: x32000
Bm: x24432
D: xx0232
C#m: x46654
G#m: 466444
E: 022100

A Amaj7 Bm C C#m Cmaj7 D E Em F#7 F#m Fmaj7 G#m Gmaj7
variations - click chord images
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