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Shiny  Decemberists

  [Cadd9]          [Cmaj7]            [B5]         [Em]          [D/F]                                         
e|--0--|  e|--0--|  e|-----|  e|--0--|  e|--2--|
B|--3--|  B|--0--|  B|--0--|  B|--0--|  B|--3--|
G|--0--|  G|--0--|  G|--4--|  G|--0--|  G|--2--|
D|--2--|  D|--2--|  D|--4--|  D|--2--|  D|--0--|
A|--3--|  A|--3--|  A|--2--|  A|--2--|  A|--0--|
E|-----|  E|-----|  E|-----|  E|--0--|  E|--2--|<-- fret this with your thumb

    [G]         [Am]          [B7]         [Em9/D]            [D]          [C]                              
e|--3--|  e|--0--|  e|--2--|  e|--0--|  e|--2--|  e|--0--|
B|--0--|  B|--1--|  B|--0--|  B|--3--|  B|--3--|  B|--1--|
G|--0--|  G|--2--|  G|--2--|  G|--0--|  G|--2--|  G|--0--|
D|--0--|  D|--2--|  D|--1--|  D|--4--|  D|--0--|  D|--2--|
A|--2--|  A|--0--|  A|--2--|  A|--5--|  A|-----|  A|--3--|
E|--3--|  E|-----|  E|-----|  E|-----|  E|-----|  E|-----|



[Cadd9]        [Cmaj7]        [Cadd9]        [Cmaj7]        [B5]    [Em] [B5] [Em] 
Verse 1:

[Cadd9]by the [Cmaj7]bumper cars, [Cadd9]in the [Cmaj7]pretty twining [B5]light,[Em]    [B5]    [Em]

[Cadd9]  i may have [Cmaj7]gone too far,
[Cadd9]  i may have [Cmaj7]gone too much, too [B5]long.
i'[Em]m a [G]dull and witless b[Cadd9]oy.     [Cmaj7]        [Cadd9]        [Cmaj7]        [B5]    [Em]    [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9] in the [Cmaj7]after bars, [Cadd9]think i was [Cmaj7]sullied by a d[B5]ream[Em].   [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9] in the [Cmaj7]killing jar,
[Cadd9] you and [Cmaj7]me at war at a[B5]rms
a[Em]ll [G]falling in em[Cadd9]brace.  [Cmaj7]        [Cadd9]        [Cmaj7]        [B5]    [Em]    [B5]    [Em]
[Em]tell [D/F]me    [G]why [Am]you [B7]lied
and [Em]what it is you [D]do to keep your [Cadd9]eyes,   [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]
all [Em9/D]shiny   [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [B5]    [Em]    [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9] a tawny [Cmaj7]gypsy girl
[Cadd9] sleeping [Cmaj7]blanketed by s[B5]tars[Em]    [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9] 'neath the [Cmaj7]tilt-a-whirl
[Cadd9] where we were [Cmaj7]coyly caught a[Bm]lone
a[Em]ll  [G]fumbling with your [Cadd9]blouse [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [B5]    [Em]
[Em]tell [D/F]me   [G]why [Am]you [B7]lied
and [Em]what it is you [D]do to keep your [Cadd9]eyes,  [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]
all [Em9/D]shiny
[D] and in the rollercoaster [C]din
[D] by the parachutes in [C]saddle shoes you [Em]break your shin
[D] but i have never seen two [C]eyes so [B5]shiny[Em]    [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [B5]    [Em]    [B5] [Em] 
[Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [B5]    [Em]    [B5] [Em] 
[D] and the sullen beery [C]swine
[D] try to tangle you in [C]sullen beery [Em]balls of twine
[D] have they ever seen two[C] eyes so [B5]shin[Em]y?  [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd] the [9]boys in [Cmaj7]denim vests
[Cadd9] smoking [Cmaj7]cigarettes b[B5]etwee[Em]n   [B5]    [Em]
[Cadd9] their bootblack [Cmaj7]fingertips
[Cadd9] sweetly [Cmaj7]tipsy by the h[B5]alf-lig[Em]ht
the [G]light and the hal[Cadd9]f-light[Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]       [B5]    [Em]
[Em]tell [D/F#]me   [G]why [Am]you [B7]lied
and [Em]what it is you [D]do to keep your [Cadd9]eyes,  [Cmaj7]       [Cadd9]       [Cmaj7]
all [Em9/D]shiny, all shiny
The rest of the song is the norman verse chord
sequence "Cadd9 Cmaj7 Cadd9 Cmaj7 B5 Em B5 Em"
Over Colin singing "All shiny" repeatedly.
The song then finishes with:

[Em]    [D/F]     [G]   [Am]    [B7]                     
Thanks for reading and enjoy playing :)

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Am B5 B7 Bm C Cadd9 Cmaj7 D D/F D/F# Em Em9/D G
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