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Mariners Revenge Song  Decemberists

[Am]We are two Mariners, our ship's sole survivors, in this belly of a [E]whale
[E]It's ribs our ceiling beams, it's guts our carpeting, I guess we have some time
to [Am]kill. You may not remember me, I was a child of three, and you a lad of
[E]eighteen. But I remember you, and I will relate to you, how our histories
[Fm]At the time you were a rake and a rastabo[Am]ut. S[Fm]pending all your money on the
whores and h[E]ounds. [Fm]Oh-[E]oh
[Am]You had a charming air, all cheap and debonair, my widowed mother found so
[E]sweet. And so she took you in, her sheets still warm with him, now filled
with filth and fowl [Am]disease.
[Fm]As time wore on you proved a debt-ridden drunken [Am]mess. [Fm]Leaving my mother a
poor consumptive w[E]retch. [Fm]Oh-[E]oh
[Am]And then you disappeared. Your gambling arrears, the only thing you left
[E]behind. And then the magistrate, reclaimed our small estate, and my poor
mother lost her [Am]mind.
[Fm]Then one day in spring my dear, sweet mother d[Am]ied. B[Fm]ut before she did I took
her hand as she dying c[E]ried, [Fm]Oh-[E]oh,
"[Fm]Find him, bind him, tie him to a pole and break his [Am]fingers to splinters,
drag him to a hole until he [Fm]wakes up, naked, clawing at the ceiling of his
[E]grave, [Fm]oh-[E]oh." (Little Am fill right here)
[Am]It took me fifteen years to swallow all my tears, among the urchins in the
[E]street. And then a priory, took pity and hired me to keep their vestry nice
and n[Am]eat.
Fm (c-ish) Am(c-ish) Fm(c-ish)
But never once in the employ of these holy men, did I ever once turn my mind
E(c-ish) Fm E
from the thought of revenge. Oh-oh.
Am(harsh double strum for this part)
One night I overheard, the prior exchanging words with a penetant whaler from
E(smooth) E(harsh double strum)
the sea. The captain of his ship, who matched you toe to tip, was known for a
wanton cruelty.
[Fm]The following day I shipped to sea with the [Am]privateer. And in the whistle of
the wind I could almost [E]hear, [Fm]oh-[E]oh.
"[Fm]Find him, bind him, tie him to a pole and break his f[Am]ingers to splinters,
drag him to a whole until he [Fm]wakes up, naked, clawing at the ceiling of his
[C]There is one thing I must [G]say to you, [C]as you sail across the [G]sea. A[Am]lways your
mother will watch [Em]over you, [Fm]as you avenge this wicked d[E]eed.

Middle section: Am-E-Fm-E

[Am]And then one fateful night, we had you in our sights, after 20 months at [E]sea.
Your starboard flank abeam, I was getting my muskets clean, when came this
rumbling from b[Am]eneath.
Fm(c-ish) Am(c-ish) Fm(c-ish)
The ocean shook, the sky went black and the captain quailed. And before us
E (candenza) Fm E
grew the angry jaws of a giant whale, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh
[Am]Don't know how I survived, the crew all was chewed alive, I must have slipped
between his [E]teeth. But oh what providence, what divine intelligence, that you
should survive as well as [Am]me.
[Fm]It gives my heart great joy to see your eyes fill with [Am]fear. [Fm]So lean in close
and I will whisper the last words you'll [E]hear, [Fm]oh-[E]oh

(Solo at end,all on high E)

(repeat until end of song, get faster and faster each time)

Hope you enjoyed!

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cupanoodles (report)

Also the bridge "Find him...." is Dm - Am - Dm - E - F - E

8jimmy8 (report)

F major-- not minor, i think...