Perfect Crime 2


The guitar in this song is very boring (theres about 3 playing the game chord at times), so I tabbed out
the rhythm as it was a guitar playing it (instead of keys). I found the easiest way to it is to use fingering
like this:
Em D Em G Em
e-7-5-7-7-7---| B-8-7-8-8-8---| G-9-7-9-7-9---| D-9-7-9---9---| A-7-5-7---7---| E-------------|
For the G, rather than playing that fingering exactly like it's written, get your back into the barred Em
position and remove your ring finger and pinky. This way, you can quickly move from the to the G and back to
the Em. This makes the progression much more accessible. Enjoy!
Verse - Em D Em G Em, Em D Em Em Chorus - C, Em D Em G Em, C, Em D Em G Em Em D Em Em Bridge - C Bm C Em
Riff 1 E------------------------------| B------------------------------| G------7----7--------7----7----| D-/5-9---/5---9-/5-9---/5---9--| A------------------------------| E------------------------------|
Riff 2 E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G------7----7--------7----7---9-7-/11-9-7-9-7-9-7---| D-/5-9---/5---9-/5-9---/5---9---------------------9-| A---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E---------------| B---------------| G------7----7---| D-/5-9---/5---9-| A---------------| E---------------|
Riff 3 E------------------------------| B------------------------------| G------------------------------| D---2-----0--------0-2---------| A-----2-3------2-3-----0-2-----| E-0----------0-----------------|
Song Layout:
Intro (same as verse) x2 Verse x9 Chorus x1 Riff 1 x2 Verse x4 Chorus x1 Riff 2 x1 Bridge x2 Riff 3 x12 Chorus x1 "It was a perfect, a perfect......." C (play for a while) Verse x1
End with Em

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