Beauty Through The Eyes Of A Predator

Demon Hunter

Beauty Through The Eyes of a Predator
from Demon Hunter from the album Summer of Darkness
drop B tuning
verse riff
C#[--------------------------------------------------------------------] G#[--------------------------------------------------------------------] E [--------------------------------------------------------------------] B [--------------------------------------------------------------------] F#[--0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3-0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3-0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3--0h3-0-0----5-4---] B [--0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3-0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3-0h3-0-0-0h5-0h3--0h3-0-0---3-2----]
pre-chorus riff part 1 (All I see.......) (the bend is very slight, leave it off if you want)
C#[---------------------------------------------------------] G#[---------------------------------------------------------] E [---------------------------------------------------------] B [---------------------------------------------------------] F#[--0-0--0-12---0-0--0-14---0-0--0-15b---0-0--0--8/7-5h7---] B [--0-0--0-12---0-0--0-14---0-0--0-15b---0-0--0--8/7-5h7---]
pre-chorus riff part 2 (Your disease....)
C#[-------------------------------------------------------------] G#[-------------------------------------------------------------] E [-------------------------------------------------------------] B [-------------------------------------------------------------] F#[--0-0-0-0-12---0-0-0-0-14---0-0-0-0-15b---0-0-0-0--8/7-5h7---] B [--0-0-0-0-12---0-0-0-0-14---0-0-0-0-15b---0-0-0-0--8/7-5h7---] x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
chorus riff
C#[-----------------------------------------------------------------] G#[-----------------------------------------------------------------] E [-----------------------------------------------------------------] B [-----------------------------------------------------------------] F#[--0--0--7--7--\1--1--8--8\7h8h10--0--0--7---7\1---1---1---1p0-1h3] B [--0--0--7--7--\1--1--8--8\7h8h10--0--0--7---7\1---1---1---1p0-1h3]
pre-bridge riff
C#[--------------------------------------------------] G#[--------------------------------------------------] E [--------------------------------------------------] B [--------------------------------------------------] F#[--7/12--0-----7/12--0-----7/12--0-----7/12--0-----] B [--7/12--0-----7/12--0-----7/12--0-----7/12--0-----]
bridge (breakdown) riff (Peddle your faith.....)
C#[------------------------------------------] G#[------------------------------------------] E [------------------------------------------] B [------------------------------------------] F#[--7/12--0-0---------7/12--0-0-------------] B [--7/12--0-0-3-2-1---7/12--0-0-3p0-2p0-----]
you have to pick that 3-2-1 part because it is so fast that if you don't, it will sound a slide. But that's fine if you want to do it that way, too.
go back through the chorus riff and at the end hit an open chord and let it ring through 'I feel my lungs.......' part.
Then the ending riff....
C#[-------------------------------------------] G#[-------------14----------------------------] E [-------------14----------------------------] B [--------------x----------------------------] F#[--000--000---12----000--000-----3---2---1--] B [--000--000----0----000--000---3---2---1----] xxx xxx xxx xxx
That chord is kind of crazy sounding and I'm not sure I've got it right. Repeat the end until the song is over.
Some of the little nuances of this song are played too fast to get a good handle on, but did my best. In the chorus after the '8' bar chord Ethan transitions off it it a few different ways. Sometimes he just slides up to '10' and sometimes he does something close to what I down. Feel free to experiment with it. Good luck!

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