Hallelujah To The Lamb

Don Moen

 Lord I stand in the midst of a multitude
Of those from every tribe and tongue 
 We are Your people redeemed by Your blood
Rescued from death by Your love   
   There are no words
Good enough to thank You
There are no words to ex-press my praise 
    But I will lift up my voice
And sing from my heart
With all of my strength                
Halle-lujah halle-lujah halle-lujah
To the Lamb 
Halle-lujah halle-lujah
By the blood of Christ we stand     
Every tongue      every tribe
Every people every land    
Giving glory giving honor  
Giving praise unto the Lamb
 of God                     
 Lord we stand by grace in Your presence
Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb
 We are Your children called by Your name
Humbly we bow and we pray        
Release Your power
To work in us and through us
Till we are changed
To be more like You 

    Then all the nations will see
Your glory revealed  

And worship You              

Halle-lujah halle-lujah halle-lujah
To the Lamb  
Halle-lujah halle-lujah
By the blood of Christ we stand   
Every tongue      every tribe
Every people every land   
Giving glory giving honor
Giving praise unto the Lamb
 of God 

 Every knee shall bow 
 Every tongue confess
That You are Lord of all             

Halle-lujah halle-lujah halle-lujah
To the Lamb  
Halle-lujah       halle-lujah
By the blood of Christ we stand  
Every tongue      every tribe
Every people every land  
Giving glory giving honor
Giving praise unto the (repeat  #).. Lamb
 of God             

Giving praise unto the Lamb of God          
Giving praise unto the Lamb of God          
Bm7 E A. . .
Jesus Christ Lamb of God

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