I Am Nothing


I Am Nothing by Dope Guitarist: Tripp Eisen + Edsel Dope Album: Felons And Revolutionaries Dif.: 8 Tabbed by Twiggy5
NOTE: Tune to Drop D (D A D G B E)
Intro 1 D|--4---------------------------------------| A|--4---------------------------------------| D|--4---------------------------------------|
Intro 2/Interlude G|-----------------------------------------------------9----| D|--4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10-9---4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10--9----| A|--4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10-9---4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10--7----| D|--4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10-9---4-X-4-X-4--10-10-10-10-------|
Verse (2nd "You could say I am….") D|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-|-%-|-%-| A|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-|-%-|-%-| D|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-|-%-|-%-|
Pre-Chorus ("I don't want simplicity….") G|--9--|---------------------------------------9--|-%-| D|--9--|--2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4-7-2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4--9--|-%-| A|--7--|--2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4-7-2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4--7--|-%-| D|-----|--2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4-7-2-2-4--2-2-2-2-4-----|-%-|
Chorus ("You can't sell me nothing…") G|----------------------------------------------9--| D|--4-4-10-10--9-9--7-7-9---4-4-10-10--9-9-7-7--9--| A|--4-4-10-10--9-9--7-7-9---4-4-10-10--9-9-7-7--7--| D|--4-4-10-10--9-9--7-7-9---4-4-10-10--9-9-7-7-----|
Fill 1 (During sample ***) D|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-| A|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-| D|-XX-XX-XX-X--|-%-|
Fill 2 (Gtr. 2) B|-14-------|
Solo (Gtr. 2) G|----------------------------------------------10-- D|-10p7---10p7---10p7---10p7---10p7---------/10----- A|--------9-------9--------9-------9---9-7\---------
Solo (cont.) B|-9-11-14-14-13-17-9-------------------14------13-- G|--------------------10-8\------11-----17(12x)-16-- D|--------------------------/10--------------------- A|-----------------------------------9--------------
Solo (cont.) B|-17-17^-17^-17-17^-17^-17-17^-17^-17-17^-17^--17~~~~~~~~~~~--|
Song Structure: - Intro 1 Intro 2 Bass N Drums Verse Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Interlude Intro 1 Rest For Sample *** Fill 1 Pre-Chorus ("Punk police wanna follow…") Chorus Interlude ("Sell me something…") Intro 1 Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Chorus (w/o lyrics) (Gtr. 1)/Fill 2 (Gtr. 2) Interlude (Gtr. 1)/Solo (Gtr. 2) Chanting The time has come, okay!! Time to pick up the gun, okay!!
I really like this song because the Chorus riff sounds like the Irresponsible Hate Anthem main riff. And it's a kool song. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at ToXic345x@yahoo.com

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