Dry Kill Logic (Hinge)
C tuning 6-string guitar
Great new band, love'em...
Riff 1 *this is gonn'a suck* I--------------------|I I--------------------|I I------------------I-| (X4) I--------------------|I I--------------------|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6---|I
Riff 2 (let 2's and 5 ring out) I--------------------|I I--------------------|I I------------------I-| (X4) I-32-32-32-32-33-6---|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6---|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6---|I
Verse (dont let the 2's and 5 ring)(X4) I-------------------------------|I I-------------------------------|I I-------------------------------|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6-32-32-32-32--|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6-32-32-32-32--|I I-32-32-32-32-33-6-32-32-32-32--|I
Chorus (X3 then) (Overall play this Riff X2) I--------------|------------|I I--------------|------------|I I--------------|------------|I
I-0-0--0-12/13-|-2-2-2-3-2--|I I-0-0--0-12/13-|-2-2-2-3-2--|I I-0-0--0-12/13-|-2-2-2-3-2--|I
Start all over then....
Chorus B (X3 then) I-----------|------------|I I-----------|------------|I I--------12-|------------|I I-0-0--0-12-|-2-2-2-3-2--|I I-0-0--0-12-|-2-2-2-3-2--|I I-0-0--0-0--|-2-2-2-3-2--|I
Bridge 1 I--------------------|I I--------------------|I I--------------------|I I-3-3-33-3-3-3-3--3--|I I-3-3-33-3-3-3-3--3--|I I-3-3-33-3-3-3-3--3--|I
Bridge 2 (X4 then a pause then X4 again) I----------------------------|I I----------------------------|I I----------------------------|I I-5-7-5-7-8-7-5-7--55-4-5-4--|I I-5-7-5-7-8-7-5-7--55-4-5-4--|I I-5-7-5-7-8-7-5-7--55-4-5-4--|I
Then Bridge 1 again..
(some weird thing plays here, it doesnt sound like much guitar but maybe harmonics in the background)
Verse Riff again...Then Chorus and Chorus B...and end with Bridge 1

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