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Idiot Wind  Bob Dylan

[Cm]Someone's got it in for me, they're [D]planting stories in the [G]press
[Cm]Whoever it is I wish they'd cut it out
but [D]when they will I [D/C]can only g[G]uess.    [D/F#]
[Em]They say I shot a m[Bm]an named Gray and t[Am]ook his wife to [G]Italy,
[Em]She inherited a [Bm]million bucks and [Am]when she died it [G]came to me.
I can't [Bm]help it if I'm [C6]lucky.

[Cm]People see me all the time and [D]they just can't re[D/C]member how to a[G]ct
[Cm]Their minds are filled with big ideas, [D]images a[D/C]nd distorted [G]facts.    [D/F#]
[Em]Even you, [Bm]yesterday you [Am]had to ask me [G]where it was a[D/F#]t,
[Em]I couldn't believe after [Bm]all these years, y[Am]ou didn't know me [G]better than that
[Bm]Sweet l[C6]ady.

[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing every time you move your [G]mouth,
[C]Blowing down the backroads headin' [D6]south. [D7]
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing every time you move your [G]teeth,
You're an idiot, [C]babe.
It's a [D]wonder that you s[D7]till know how to [G]breathe.  [C/G]      [G]     [C/G]
I r[Cm]an into the fortune-teller, who [D]said beware of [D/C]lightning that might
[Cm]I haven't known peace and quiet [D]for so long I [D/C]can't remember what it's [G]like.
There's a l[Em]one soldier o[Bm]n the cross, [Am]smoke pourin' out of a [G]boxcar door,
[Em]You didn't know it, you d[Bm]idn't think it could be done, in the [Am]final end he
[G]won the wars
After [Bm]losin' every [C6]battle.
[Cm]I woke up on the roadside, [D]daydreamin' 'bout the [D/C]way things sometimes [G]are
[Cm]Visions of your chestnut mare shoot [D]through my head and are [D/C]makin' me see
[G]stars.   [D/F#]
[Em]You hurt the ones that [Bm]I love best and c[Am]over up the t[G]ruth with lies.
[Em]One day you'll be [Bm]in the ditch, [Am]flies buzzin' a - [G]round your eyes,
[Bm]Blood on your s[C6]addle.
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing through the flowers on your [G]tomb,
[C]Blowing through the curtains in your [D6]room.
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing every time you move your [G]teeth,
You're an idiot, [C]babe.
It's a [D]wonder that you s[D7]till know how to [G]breathe. [C/G]      [G]    [C/G]
It was [Cm]gravity which pulled us down and [D]destiny which [D/C]broke us a - p[G]art
[Cm]You tamed the lion in my cage but [D]it just wasn't e - n[D/C]ough to change my
[G]heart.  [D/F#]
Now [Em]everything's a little [Bm]upside down, as a [Am]matter of fact the [G]wheels have
What's [Em]good is bad, what's [Bm]bad is good, [Am]you'll find out when you [G]reach the

[Bm]You're on the [C6]bottom.

[Cm]I noticed at the ceremony, your cor - [D]rupt ways had fi[D/C]nally made you [G]blind
[Cm]I can't remember your face anymore, your [D]mouth has changed, your [D/C]eyes
don't look into [G]mine.   [D/F#]
[Em]The priest wore black on the [Bm]seventh day and [Am]sat stone-faced while the
[G]building burned.
I [Em]waited for you on the [Bm]running boards, near the [Am]cypress trees, while the
[G]springtime turned [Bm]slowly into [C6]autumn.

[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing like a circle around my [G]skull,
From the [C]Grand Coulee Dam to the Capit - o[D6]l.   [D7]
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing every time you move your [G]teeth,
You're an idiot, [C]babe.
It's a [D]wonder that you s[D7]till know how to [G]breathe.  [C/G]      [G]     [C/G]
[Cm]I can't feel you anymore, [D]I can't even [D/C]touch the books you've [G]read
[Cm]Every time I crawl past your door, I been [D]wishin' I'd bee[D/C]n  somebody else
[Dm]Down the highway, [Bm]down the tracks, [Am]down the road to [G]ecstasy,
I [Em]followed you be - n[Bm]eath the stars, [Am]hounded by your [G]memory
And [Bm]all your r[C6]agin' glory.
[Cm]I been double-crossed now for the v[D]ery last time and [D/C]now I'm finally [G]free,
I [Cm]kissed goodbye the howling beast on the b[D]orderline which s[D/C]eparated you
from [G]me.   [D/F#]
[Em]You'll never know the h[Bm]urt I suffered nor the [Am]pain I rise [G]above,
And [Em]I'll never know the [Bm]same about you, [Am]your holiness or your [G]kind of love,
And it [Bm]makes me feel so [C6]sorry.
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing through the buttons of our [G]coats,
[C]Blowing through the letters that we [D6]wrote.[D7]
[G]Idiot wind, [C]blowing through the dust upon our s[G]helves,
We're idiots, [C]babe.
It's a [D]wonder we can [D7]even feed o[G]urselves.  [C/G]       [G]     [C/G]

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