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Boyz In The Hood  Dynamite Hack

W[A]oke up quick, at about n[Amaj7]oon
Just thou[D]ght that I had to be in Compton soon [B]
I gotta [A]get drunk, before the day b[Amaj7]egins
Before my mother [Dsus2]starts bitchin' about my friends

A[A]bout to go and damn near went blin[Amaj7]d
Young niggas[D] on the path throwin' up gang sings      [B]
I[A] went in the house to get the cl[Amaj7]ip
With my mack 10[Dsus2], on the side of my hip

I[A] bailed outside and I pointed m[Amaj7]y weapon
And just[D] as I thought, the fools kept s[B]teppin'
I[A] jumped in the fro', hit the juice on m[Amaj7]y ride
I[Dsus2] got front and back. side to side

T[A]hen I let the Alpine play     [Amaj7]
I was pum[Bm]pin' new shit by NWA         [D]
I[A]t was gangsta gangsta at the top of the list[Amaj7]
Then I play[D]ed my own shit it went somethin' like th[Dsus2]is

C[A]rusin' down the street in my six fo'  [Amaj7]
Jo[D]ckin' the bitches, slappin'[B] the ho's
I[A] went to the park to get the s[Amaj7]coop
[D]Knuckleheads out there, cold shootin' some ho[Dsus2]op

a[A] car pulls up, who can it be[Amaj7]
I[D]t's a fresh elcamino, rollin' kilo-G   [B]
H[A]e rolls down the window and starts to say    [Amaj7]
I[Dsus2]t's all about makin' that G.T.A.

Cuz' the [A]boyz in the hood are [Amaj7]always hard                 [D]
C[D]ome talkin' that trash, and we'll pull your card
K[A]nowin' nothin' in life, bu[Amaj7]t to be legit
D[D]on't quote me boy I ai[Dsus2]n't said shit            [A]    [Dsus2]        [A]

B[A]ored as hell, and I wanna' to[Amaj7] get ill
S[D]o I go to a place where my home boys chil[B]l
F[A]ellas out there tryin' to make that[Amaj7] dolla'
[Dsus2]I pulled up in the six four impalla

I[A]'m greeted with a forty and I start drin[Amaj7]kin'
A[D]nd from the eight ball my breath starts[B] stinkin'
I[A] gotta get my girl to rock th[Amaj7]at body
[Dsus2]before I left, I hit the Bacardi

[A]Pull to the house, get her outta the pa[Amaj7]d
A[D]nd the bitch said somethin' to make me mad,  [B]
S[A]he said somethin' that, I couldn't b[Amaj7]elieve
[Dsus2]So I grabbed the stuiped bitch by her nappy ass weave

S[A]tarted talkin' shit, wouldn[Amaj7]'t you know
I reached back like a pimp and I slapped the ho'
a[A]nd her father stood up, and started to shou[Amaj7]t
S[D]o I threw a right cross and knocked his ole' ass out        [Dsus2]

C[A]uz the boys in the hood are [Amaj7]always hard
C[D]ome talkin' that trash and we'll pull your card
K[A]nowin' nothin' in life, b[Amaj7]ut to be legit          [D]
D[D]on't quote me boy I ai[Dsus2]n't said shit            [A]    [Dsus2]        [A]

(guitar picking)
Punk ass trippin' in the dead of night...
Homey scored a ki, he's gonna fly, punk ass fly

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A Amaj7 B Bm D Dsus2
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Travisduane (report)

Verse: A, F#m, D, B
Chorus: A, F#m, B7, E