More Bad Times

Ed's Redeeming Qualities

 You twisted your ankle, I carried you 

 You got a divorce, so I married you 

 You fell off a cliff, so I buried you 

 I wish there were more bad times to see you through 

You never got rabies

You never gained weight

You never came home with a scar 

You never drank posion, you watched what you ate

You never so much as put a scratch on my car


You never got measles, you never got gout
You never suggested charades
You never got dizzy, you never fell out
You never picked up any live handgrenades


 So many things did go wrong, but the list is not

 long enough-not enough

 bad things to fill up a song


You never lost contacts, you never leaked oil
You never fell to sticks and stones
You never drank cleanser, you never ate foil
You never chocked on an big chicken bones

(Chorus end with a slow G aAfter the final C

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