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Christian Brothers  Elliott Smith

I’m pretty sure Elliott plays this differently, but I think this sounds pretty
similar to the recording.

Here are the chords first:

A: |-0-|        Am: |-0-|    Cadd9:  |-0-|    Em: |-0-|          |-0-|
   |-2-|            |-1-|            |-3-|        |-5-|          |-0-|
   |-2-|            |-2-|	          |-0-|        |-0-|          |-0-|
   |-2-|            |-2-|            |-2-|        |-5-|    or    |-2-|
   |-0-|            |-0-|            |-3-|        |-2-|          |-2-|
   |---|            |---|            |---|        |-0-|          |-0-|
Asus2: |-0-|         C: |-3-|     Cmaj7: |-0-|     D: |-2-|       F: |-1-|
       |-7-|            |-1-|            |-1-|        |-3-|          |-1-|
       |-0-|            |-0-|            |-0-|        |-2-|          |-2-|
       |-7-|            |-2-|            |-2-|        |-0-|          |-3-|
       |-0-|            |-3-|            |-2-|        |(0)|          |-3-|
       |---|            |---|            |-0-|        |---|          |-1-|

Note: The chord labeled "Asus2" is not actually Asus2; I just couldn't find a name for it.

Now, the sections that go (Em Cmaj Em Cmaj) can be strummed, but Elliott plays
something like this:


That’s not exact, but it’s pretty easy to figure out the strumming if you listen
to the song.

[A]  [Am]   [Cadd9]      [Em]   [Asus2]      [C]                 
[Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]                         
No b[A]ad dream fucker's going to b[Am]oss me around   [Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]
[A]Christian Brothers going to [Am]take him down       [Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]
[D]But it can't help me get o[F]ver      [A]
Don't [Am]be [Cadd9]cross, it'[Em]s sick what I [Asus2]want   [C]    [A]
I've s[Am]een the [Cadd9]boss blink [Em]on and [Asus2]off      [C]
[Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]                         
[A]Fake concerns is what's the [Am]matter, man         [Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]
And you t[A]hink I ought to shake your motherf[Am]ucking hand   [Em]   [Cmaj7]      [Em]   [Cmaj7]
[D]Well, I know how [F]much you ca[A]re
Don't [Am]be [Cadd9]cross, it's [Em]sick what I [Asus2]want   [C]   [A]
I've s[Am]een the [Cadd9]boss blink [Em]on and [Asus2]off    [C]    [A]
Come h[Am]ere by[Cadd9] me, I w[Em]ant you [Asus2]here     [C]     [A]
Night[Am]mares be[Cadd9]come me, it's so f[Em]ucking [Asus2]clear   [C]
[D]      [F]     [A]                                                             Don't [Am]be [Cadd9]cross, it's [Em]sick what I [Asus2]want   [C]   [A]
I've s[Am]een the [Cadd9]boss blink [Em]on and [Asus2]off    [C]    [A]
Come [Am]here b[Cadd9]y me, I [Em]want you [Asus2]here     [C]     [A]
Night[Am]mares be[Cadd9]come me, it's so [Em]fucking [Asus2]clear   [C]
Night[Am]mares be[Cadd9]come me, it's so [Em]fucking [Asus2]clear   [C]

If you want to play the solo while you strum the chords, here is what I do.
Again, it’s not exact, but you can figure out how to play it on your own pretty


So that’s pretty much it… Have fun learning and playing this song, and I hope
this tab helped you out.


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A Am Asus2 C Cadd9 Cmaj7 D Em F
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