Huling El Bimbo


HULING EL BIMBO Eraserheads tabbed by: Neil 'Pogi' Sayoc
This song is in the key of G, using the chords: G-A7-C-G (intro & chorus), A7-C-G (verse), Em-G-C-D (refrain). But again, there are tuning problems. If you try to play along with the track and use these chords, they are a bit higher. The reason is that maybe the guitars were tuned down one semitone (i.e. Magasin). You can (1) tune down 1 semitone to (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) or (2) play it in F#, using the chords F#-Ab7-B-F# (intro & chorus), Ab7-B-F# (verse), Ebm-F#-B-C# (refrain). Or you could just forget the "i'll play along with the track"-style and just play it in the key of G. I suggest that you play it in G because it is more complicated to play it F# because of all those # notes. Its also not advisable to tune down your guitar for just 1 song then tune it again. So, just play it in G.
Intro: G-A7-C-G Verse: A7-C-G Refrain: Em-G-C-D Chorus: G-A7-C-G
SOLO (this is how I play the solo.. not 100% exact, just 90%. haha!) *1st part |-0-0-0-0-----------------------------------| |-0-1-2-3--3b-------------------------------| |------------2--2-4-5-7-7b---(repeat 3x)----| |-------------------------5-----------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------|
*2nd part |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-7b-5-5--7b-5-5-7-5--8b----8b-----5---7b-5-5--7b-5-5---| |-----------------------7-7---7-7---7-------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------|
|-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------|
|--------------------------------(repeat 2x)| |-7-5--5--------------------5-5-7-----------| |-------7p5--------------5-7-7--------------| |----------7s5-3-0-3-5-s7-------------------|
*3rd part |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-12-(repeat several times and put----------| |-------a vibrato in to it)-----------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------|
|-------------------------------15-17b-17b-17-15--15--17b-17b-17-15--15-| |-15p12------------------15b-s17----------------17-----------------17---| |------12 (repeat 5x ata)-----------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
|-20b--19-20-19h20p19-17-15--15---| |--------------------------17-----| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------|
*this part is an improvised part* |-------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------0-| |-14b-14p12--14b-14p12--12----------------0-| |-------------------------14p12-----------0-| |------------------------------14s12-10-----| |--------------------------------------12---|
*OUTRO |---------3-----3-----3-----------------------------| |-0-1-2-3--3-2---2-1---1-0--0-1-2-3-----------------| |-------0-------------------------0-(repeat to fade)| |-------0-------------------------0-----------------| |---------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------|
And that's prety much the whole song. Enjoy!

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