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Good Time For A Bad Attitude  Everclear


b--------12----15-         repeat this for first 20 sec.


ooo[C]ooooo [G]Yeah   [C]
Oh [Em7]       [C]      [G]
ooo[C]ooo y[Em7]eah yeah[C]
[G]Some Times I [C]get To A Point Where I [Em7]don't give a damn about
[C]Anything Anymore,[G] Sometimes A get[C] to a point where i [Em7]feel
Numb and I [C]just don't care
(start to play intro part along with the chords..)
[G]    [C]                                 
[Em7]Sometimes I [C]feel like a just don't [G]care    [C]
Yeah[Em7] Sometimes I [C]feel like a just don't

[G]Sit In My Car and Listen [C]To The Radio
I [Em7]Think about the past and it[C] seems so long ago
[G]I Know The Pain is sl[C]owly gonna fade
[Em7]This Life is gonna get [C]better
Things Are Gonna Be Better[G]
I wait Until my exw[C]ife had gone away  I w[Em7]alk around the
house gettin l[C]ost inside the old days
[G]I see picture where [C]everybody's smilin [Em]
I know I gotta keep on the [D]inside   [C]
I wanna get l[Em]ost from my life[D] some[C]times
Sit on the s[Em]ide and watch the world[D] go [C]by
I wanna get [Em]lost and I don't [D]know [G]why   [C]
Sometimes I [Em7]wanna get lost and I [C]don't know why [G]   [C]
Sometimes I [Em7]wanna get lost[C] and just dream [G]for a
[G]Waitin On My little girl [C]waitin on the school bus
[Em7]Goin To The Movies [C]Yeah Just The Two Of Us
[G]Sit inside the dark and dr[C]eam for a while
[Em7]Our life is gonna get bett[C]er Yeah Its gonna get bette[G]r
I wake up wierd in the mid[C]dle of the night   [Em7]
I Walk the floor til my [G]mind gets right
[G]I think about the past and it [C]make me wanna cry  [Em]
I know I gotta keep it on the [D]inside     [C]
I wanna get l[Em]ost from my lif[D]e sometime[C]s
Sit on the side[Em] and watch the worl[D]d go b[C]y
I wanna get l[Em]ost in the d[D]ark and and [G]dream for a while
Yeah Just sit inside a dark room and dream for a while [D]
The Only Thing That E[C]ver Made Scence To [G]Me   ooooo   [D]
Is The Words To A [C]Song From An American Mo[G]vie  [D]
The Only That [C]Ever Made Scence in My[G] Life  oooooo [D]
Is The Sound of my little girl l[C]aughin alive and happy
In The Summer Time [G]   [C] Woah  [Em]
Alive and living [C]happy in the summer time  [G]    [C]   Woah [Em]
Woah [C] GO!
Bend here and hold
e -------------------------15-----------------------------
b -----------------15/17--------17-17\15---15-15--15\13---
g -14--14--14/17------------------------------------------
d --------------------------------------------------------
a --------------------------------------------------------
e --------------------------------------------------------

oooooo yeah

[C]I'm just like [Em]everyone that I[D] know  [C]
I am afraid of [Em]things That I [D]don't know [C]
I am afraid of [Em]ever really [D]being alone  [G]
Woah   Woah   Woah   Wo[D]ah   [C]
Wanna Find Mysel[Em]f a brand [D]new heart [C]
I wanna find a [Em]girl and make a [D]brand new new [C]start
Wanna find a [Em]girl and get [D]lost in the [G]dark
I wanna find a girl and lost in the dark
The Only Thing That [C]Ever Made scene to me  [G]  oooo [D]
Is The Words To A [C]Song From An American Mov[G]ie
The Only Thing That [C]Ever Made Scence in my[G] life  [D]
Is The Sound of my little girl [C]laughing
Through the window of a summer night [G]
I Sit Alone In The Backyard wishing I could be inside [D]
Just The Sound of my little girl [C]laughing makes me happy
Just To Be Alive

Star Playing Intro While Playing:

[G]Woooooooooooooooooah [D]
Sometimes I [C]happy just to be alive   [G]
Oh  Woah  [D]
Yeah I'm [C]happy just to be alive [G]
Woah [D] Sometimes I'm [C]happy just to be ali[G]ve   Woah [D]      [C]

(let the Em chord ring out)

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C D Em Em7 G
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