Take Me As I Am

Fm Static

-0-	-0- -0-	-3-
-1-	-1- -1-	-3-
-0-	-2- -2-	-0-
-2-	-2- -3-	-0-
-3-	-0- -3-	-2-
---	--- ---	-3-




 This time I finally see the reason why I can't do this alone
 It took some time and concentration to believe it this I know
 I need to build my faith sometimes but I am so comfortable in mind
 I'm up there's no more time to try to mess with this design


 Tonight's complete everyone's asleep and now I wanna say these words to you
 I'll be your hands take me as I am I just want to be with you


 Take me as I am cause i'm going
I was to scared to start now I'm to scared to let go
 Take me as I am cause I'm growing
But it's so hard to tell when I'm not used this all

VERSE 2: (same as verse 1)

I lift my voice to sing out let the sound of my heart ring out
These hands aren't holding me down never again will I be without
I need to build my faith sometimes but I am so comfortable in mind
I'm up there's no more time to try to mess with this design

Am C F G
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