Wonder What Youll Be

Four Seasons

Verse 1:

        Wonder what you'll be        
 F6/9: C-D-F-G
         /G               F6/9   /E   /D                 
Wonder what you'll see
        Will somebody else   
 F6: C-D-F-A
              /A     /G       F6   /E   /D               
Mean more to you than me
 F13: Eb-A-D
            /G     Cm7   /F  F13 Bb   /A   /G            
You may be mine today
        But there will come a time when you will go your way  C7/E: E-G-Bb-C]
            You'll go away             

Verse 2:

When you see the light
When you see the light
Will the grownup world
Begin to change your eyes
And as the years go by
How many times will you mistake the truth for lies
How much will you cry


        I'll make the most of every day                     
 Ab+: E-Ab-C
             Ab+/E          Ab/Eb                
I'll hold you in my arms
 Dbm6: E-Ab-Bb-Db
            Dbm6/E         Ab/Eb                 
And keep you by my side
                Dm7-5    G   G7/F  Em  G/D
'Til you must go away

Verse 3:

Wonder what you'll find
Wonder where you'll go
Will I ever teach you everything I know
And when I set you free
Then will you wonder 'bout your children just like me
            What will they be


(wonder what you'll be)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers